T3P3 Kossel Mini Kit

Assembly Instructions

Chapter 4 - Carriage Adaptor Assembly

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401 Parts needed

Printed carriage adaptors x 3

Delrin V-rollers x 9

623ZZ bearings x 18 (usually pre-fitted to V-rollers)

M3 x 25 socket capscrews x 9

M3 x 40 socket capscrews x 3

M3 full nuts x 9

M3 Nyloc nuts x 21

M3 flat washers x 9

M2.5 x 12 socket capscrews x 3 (revised design only)

402 Fit captive nuts

Fit an M3 Nyloc nut into each of the  prepared nut traps in the adaptor.  You will probably need to pull them in using an M3 x 16 capscrew and a pair of pliers or 5.5 mm spanner to hold the nut (make sure the nut aligns with the hexagonal nut trap).

Now use an M3 x 40 socket capscrew to draw a Nyloc nut into the nut trap on the side of the adaptor. Temporarily remove the bolt.

Repeat for the other 2 adaptors

 (old adapters shown)

403 Fit V-rollers

Fit 3 M3 x 25 cap screws through the adaptor, fit a washer and nut to each and tighten.

If not already fitted by us, you will need to fit 2 x 623ZZ bearings fully into each V-roller. Place on socket cap screws and secure with M3 Nyloc nuts. Tighten the nut until the V-roller just starts to feel a little less easy to rotate. Then loosen nyloc nut fractionally until the V-roller rotates freely.

Reinsert the M3 x 40 capscrews, but do not tighten.

404 Fit Endstop trigger screws

The M2.5 x 12 socket capscrews screw into the holes in the top of the adapters and will be used to trigger the endstops.

Screw them into the 2mm holes in the tops of the adapters, leaving equal amounts of about half of the thread length protruding.

Set the adapters aside and go on to the next section.