Unusual Suspects Volunteer Mentor Application Survey
The Unusual Suspects provides after-school and Saturday theatre-arts workshops. We are looking for skilled, experienced Volunteer Mentors who can commit to approximately a ten-week, once-a-week commitment.
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How did you hear about the Unusual Suspects, and what makes you interested in working to support US programs?
Why do you believe theatre education is important?
As a Volunteer Mentor with the Unusual Suspects, you will be part of a team supporting ensemble-based activities. What is your philosophy on collaborating and ensemble work? *
Why is mentoring important for you? What do you hope to gain in a mentorship role? *
The Unusual Suspects provide after-school (1:30-5:30 or 5:30-8:30 range) and Saturday (noon-4:30 range) workshops. Please place an X by the days you can generally be available. Note: We are looking for approximately a ten-week, once-a-week commitment! *
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