Sample Peer Review Questionnaire
This is a resource provided by The Sustainable Economies Law Center for democratic organizations looking for sample peer review questionnaires. SELC provides these resources as examples for you to take, change, and share! Feel free to make a copy and amend it to meet your organizational needs. Below are instructions on how SELC performs our Peer Performance Review.

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Periodic Performance Review Process
To provide a space to give and receive constructive feedback on each staff members’ long-term effectiveness and professional development, each core staff member will participate in a bi-annual review process. This consists of a written self-assessment form, a written peer assessment form completed by other staff working within one or more overlapping programs circles (that's this form), and a performance review conversation with at least two other colleagues.
1. Self-Assessment
Self-assessment provides an opportunity to personally identify areas of growth and areas of challenge, as well as identify goals for the coming six months and professional skills that should be acquired for personal/professional development.

The Self Assessment form can be viewed here:

2. Peer Assessment (this form)
Peer assessment provides core staff an opportunity to anonymously give feedback to other members of their program circles, ideally acknowledging both effective behavior and areas that might be improved.

Self and Peer Assessment forms and responses are tracked in a folder accessible to all staff.

3. Performance Review Conversation
Following completion of the written self-assessment and peer assessment, and following a regular bi-annual schedule to be determined, each staff member will participate in a review conversation with at least two other colleagues that works closely within the same program circles. Using a circle process, all present will read and respond to the self-assessment form and the peer assessment form, followed by general conversation on areas and practices for improvement, refining the roles and goals of the staff person for the coming year, and support needed for continued professional development. At all times, peer reviewers should follow the Guidelines for Giving Good Feedback (below), and reviewee should remain open to receiving feedback from colleagues.
Peer Assessment Instructions
Thanks for taking the time out to help your comrades at become more effective, happier, and resilient individuals.

Just as a reminder, helpful feedback is:
(1) descriptive, not evaluative, and is "owned" by the sender.
(2) specific, not general.
(3) expressed in terms relevant to the self-perceived needs of the receiver.
(4) timely and in context.
(5) desired by the receiver, not imposed on him or her.
(6) usable; concerned with behavior over which the receiver has control.

You will be rating your peer on:

Personal efficiency and effectiveness: How efficiently has this person been in fulfilling their responsibilities?

Workplace culture: how well does this person collaborate and work with the team?

Learning and development: What future learning goals or development milestones would be helpful for this person to meet?

Your name
Your answer
Who will you be reviewing?
Your answer
Their efficiency in completing assigned tasks and general time management
Their compliance with various organizational practices and policies regarding task management and transparency
This could include things like logging important info in shared docs/apps, media, tasks in asana, adhering to policies regarding public policy, expenditures, etc.
Their creativity in completing tasks and devising new ones?
How manageable does their current workload appear?
How effectively do you feel their skills/attributes are being used in their day-to-day responsibilities?
Want to say more about how effective you feel their skills/attributes are being used in their day-to-day responsibilities?
Your answer
In general, how would you say their personal effectiveness has changed over the past 6 months?
List some of this person’s accomplishments over the past 6 months:
Your answer
Are there areas of improvement or helpful advice you would offer to this person?
Your answer
Their ability to collaborate with other staff?
Their ability to collaborate with partner organizations and volunteers?
Punctuality and participation in staff meetings (including all staff and circle meetings)?
Understanding and implementation of SELC policies?
What unique skills/attributes does this person bring to the team?
Your answer
Do you believe this person has taken too much or too little time off?
Your answer
What are you most grateful for in this person?
Your answer
What are some areas of improvement you might suggest?
Your answer
What would you like to see this person doing more of in the coming year?
Your answer
What would you be fine with this person doing less of in the coming year?
Your answer
What skills and/or knowledge would you like to see this person cultivate in the coming year?
Your answer
How can SELC best support that development?
Your answer
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