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ie: Screen is cracked because I did a back-flip on it, my dog ate my keyboard, viruses are developing a small colony in my hard drive, etc.
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We need this to quickly order parts if necessary (as well as tie your laptop to your name). This number is found on the bottom of your laptop (may be under your battery). If you can't find it, please guess.
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There is a $2 charge for not supplying a laptop power cord.
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We recommend you remove your computer password prior to drop off. If you didn't, that's fine -- just add it here. (Please note the "HTTPS" in front of the URL at the top of the page; Our entire website has secured traffic (like PayPal or Amazon), so submit with confidence).
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If at all possible, please text our number prior to arriving so we can be ready to receive you.  We're usually here, but if pre-school graduation is that evening, and we're forced to attend, you've accepted your fate by not connecting with us prior to your arrival.
Legalish Jargon *
SUMMARY: If you leave your computer here 30 days after its fixed, we're keeping it. If we break your machine, we're sorry. :)      FULL: Your signature below signifies that you understand that we [Members of The PC Penguin] are not liable or responsible for any problems  that arise from the attempted repair. You understand and agree that the computer is in broken, usable or good condition, and that this  repair is an attempt to restore functionality to the issues written and stated above. You need to be aware that there are multiple things  that can render your machine useless, and that we will take the best care possible to avoid accidents. . You understand we will do our  best to fulfill and complete your requested repair successfully but also understand it is not always possible and releases The PC Penguin  from any liability arising from our attempt. Machine’s left in our possession beyond 30 days will be considered “abandoned,” and will  become the property of The PC Penguin to resell (as parts or otherwise). We do promise, however, that said computers will be wiped  completely clean immediately following confiscation. Any shipping and handling that may be required, if needs be, will be an additional  $25.00 (Twenty Five Dollars and no cents). By clicking "I Agree," I am giving my digital signature to the proposed items just mentioned.
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