Partnering support system for the SDGs
Please complete the form below to add your organisation or initiative to our open-source database of the partnering support system, which will be publicly available on the PEP website and updated over time.

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Template for submission of organisations to PEP website: partnering support system database
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*Explanation of categories within support system, with illustrative examples
-> Showcasing / pledging initiatives:

Programmes that raise awareness and build understanding of the role of collaboration for the SDGs, which may include calls for action / collection of pledges (often with focus on the private sector)
e.g. UN High Level Political Forum’s ‘Partnerships for SDGs’ platform, USCIB’s Business 2030, Business Fights Poverty, Devex Impact

-> Intermediaries:

Platforms, initiatives and organisations that catalyse partnerships (multi-stakeholder initiatives, UN and other development agencies, NGOs, business or other membership organisations)
e.g. UN Global Compact, Zambia Business in Development Facility, UNDP, World Vision, Centre for Responsible Business in India, SAGCOT, Western Cape Economic Development Partnership, Business Fights Poverty, SDG Partnerships hub [hosted by Business Fights Poverty], UN Global Compact local network, SDG-Fund, GPEDC, UN Foundation

-> Partnership facilitators / consultants:

Skilled professionals able to take partners through a robust partnering process to ensure alignment of interests and robust, effective partnerships, including monitoring and evaluation of impact (individuals, consultancies, universities or intermediary organisations)
e.g. Independent brokers; niche consultancies; specialist departments within major consultancies (e.g. FSG, Accenture Development Partnerships, Bain, ADP, PwC, KPMG, BCG)

-> Capacity building:

Providing training in effective partnering for individuals; supporting organisational development (consultancies, universities, training organisations)
e.g. Partnership Brokers Association, Collective Leadership Institute, The Partnering Initiative, Singapore University Tri-Sector Partnership Course, UN System Staff College

-> Research and learning:

Drawing out learning; communicating / sharing knowledge; furthering knowledge on partnering (universities, knowledge institutes, consultancies, development agencies)
e.g. Partnership Resource Centre, Collective Leadership Institute, The Partnering Initiative, Partnership Brokers Association, Harvard CSRI, Fundacao Getulio Vargas, ESAMI, Devex Impact, ODI

-> Funding organisations:

Financially or otherwise supporting the development of public-private partnerships (potentially by supporting intermediary organisations or platforms) and financial support for implementation (donors, foundations etc.)
e.g. Sida [ZBIDF and other initiatives], Dutch MOFA [PEP / NVA / Water etc.], Danish MOFA [3GF], USAID [Global Development Alliance], DfID [Business Fights Poverty], GIZ [new German national platform], IDB [partnership support], Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation [health], Grantmakers for Effective Organisations [systems grantmaking], Ford Foundation [knowledge]

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