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2018 Garden District Farmers' Market Application
Saturdays, from 12:00 - 4:00pm
June 9 - October 20*
Water Tower at 6th & Howard

The Garden District Neighborhood Association (GDNA) is pleased to present the Garden District Farmers' Market (GDFM) located across the street from the Town of Lake Water Tower at 6th and Norwich on Milwaukee's south side. Established in 2012, the market is a jewel in Milwaukee's Green Corridor. We welcome local growers and prepared food vendors who create their products locally.

Management: A Market Manager will be on hand to assist volunteers, set up, and enforce rules and regulations and to manage scheduled activities at the market.

Vendors: The GDFM will maintain a list of Farmers/Vendors that have rented space. It is the intention of the GDFM to offer space first to vendors who have a history of participation. Spaces will be offered to those vendors who have seniority and have previously followed all rules and regulations. Please tell the Manager if you know vendors who would like to sell at the GDFM.

Rules & Regulations: Vendors must adhere to the Rules and Regulations in order to participate. GDFM maintains the right to change the rules and regulations as they deem necessary or appropriate to the circumstances.

Promotion: The GDFM will promote the Market through signage, advertising, posters, flyers, web and email, Facebook and other electronic methods.

Entertainment: Entertainment and activities are planned and coordinated by the GDFM committee. Vendors may not play music when entertainment is hosted.

Insurance: Sellers must carry general liability, property damage, and product liability insurance. All vendors are required to provide GDFM with their Certificate of Insurance prior to participation.

Renters agree to protect, indemnify, and hold harmless the GDFM, the Market Manager and Milwaukee County, from and against any and all causes of action, claims, demands, suits, liability, or expense by reason of loss or damage to any property or bodily injury to any person, including death, as a direct or indirect result of use of any rented or occupied market space or in connection with any action or claim.

RIGHT TO TERMINATE: The GDNA reserves the full right and authority to suspend, revoke or terminate any vendor's lease agreement immediately upon written or oral notice to the vendor, and remove or expel any vendor at any time from Market, in each case at the sole and absolute discretion of the GDNA or its designated representative. In the event of the suspension, revocation, or termination of any lease agreement or removal or expulsion of any vendor, the GDNA shall be entitled to retain any and all rents, deposits or other fees previously paid by the vendor to the GDNA.

Vendors must be adult family members or paid employees. No brokers, agents or commissioned sellers and there is NO subleasing of spaces allowed.

Food or other plant-based products other than farm produce must be made or produced locally by the vendor. Participation is subject to approval by the GDFM Committee.

Permits, Licenses, Tax: Vendors are responsible for obtaining all licenses and permits required for the sale of products to the public. Copies of licenses/permits shall be submitted to the GDFM with this application and vendors must keep these permits on hand. Contact the City of Milwaukee Health Department at 414.286.3674 for questions regarding health licenses.

Vendors who sell products other than food must purchase and display a Wisconsin Seller's permit. Contact the Wisconsin Department of Revenue at 414.227.4444 for a Sellers Permit or download form BTR-101 at It is the responsibility of every vendor to know if they are required to collect and remit Wisconsin Sales Tax.

Vendors who sell food or food products must purchase and display a Temporary Food License from the City of Milwaukee Health Department.

Scales: Vendors selling by the pound must provide and use their own scale. Vendors who use a scale must have the scale inspected and licensed by the City of Milwaukee and must bear an updated seal reflecting it has been inspected and approved for accuracy.

Food Samples: Samples offered by vendors must be stored in rigid, sanitary, covered containers until serving and held at temperatures specified by the City Health Department. Samples must be pre-cut away from the Market. Samples of processed foods must be prepared in a licensed kitchen facility. Vendors giving samples must provide a waste container labeled for public use.

Condition of Premises: Vendors must clean up their space by 6:00pm each Saturday. Everything brought to the site must be taken away, including but not limited to all trash generated, tents, chairs and vehicles.

Animals/Livestock: Animals may not be offered for sale and vendors may not have personal pets on the site..

Vendors must display sign with their name and address.
Vendors must display sign notifying their participation in the WIC, SNAP or other food voucher program.
Vendors must clearly post prices for all items
Price-fixing (collaboration among vendors to set prices) is prohibited.
Vehicles may park on the concrete strip to unload ONLY.
Parking in the Norwich Street lot (south of the site) is reserved for customers only Vendors must move vehicles to the Water Tower lot after unloading.

Setup begins no earlier than 12:00pm and take-down must be completed by 6:00pm. Take-down MAY NOT begin prior to 5:00pm. Arrival at the Market after 1:00pm no longer guarantees space reservation.

Vendors must adhere to these Rules and Regulations Any complaint regarding the way the market is run or practices of any vendor must be addressed to the Market Manager only.

Violation of these rules could result in suspension of up to one year. The GDFM has the right to terminate any lease agreement with a 15-day written notice. Prepaid space fees will be returned only at the discretion of the Market Manager and the GDNA Farmers' Market Committee.

Vendor Space: Rental fees entitle vendors to a 10ft x 10ft space at the Market. Tables, chairs, and tents are not provided and are the responsibility of the vendor. If available, additional space may be leased for an added fee of $100.00 per space. Space is not guaranteed until an application has been submitted with required documentation and payment. Space assigned is per the discretion of GDFM Manager with priority given to seasonal vendors who have leased spaces in prior seasons.

VENDOR PAYMENT OPTIONS (select one of the following):
Full Season Vendors are guaranteed the same space(s) for all 20 Saturdays.

Option 1: Seasonal Rate $250.00 Vendors signing up for the full season receive a significant discount. If more than one space is purchased payment amount must be paid according to options noted above.

Option 2: Half-Season Rate $150.000 Vendors may receive a discount when reserving space for a half season. If more than one space is requested, purchase must be paid according to options noted above. and subject to availability.

Option 3: Daily Rate $25.00 Please contact 414-212-5215 or by email at for space availability by Thursday before Saturday Market. Placement will be assigned according to vendor product, space, availability, and marketing balance.

Checks should be made payable to Garden District Neighborhood Association. Returned checks will result in a $35 fee charged to the vendor. Prepaid fees are non-refundable.

Vendors who cannot attend a particular market day, vendor must notify the Market Manager no later than noon the Thursday prior to the market. Call 414-212-5215 or email
**unannounced, consecutive absences may result in the vendor losing his/her assigned space.

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