Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Self-Evaluation- July 16
Adapted from Bucher, R. (2008). Building Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Nine Megaskills. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education Inc.
How will you rank yourself on the following mega skills of cultural intelligence?
Need MUCH improvement
Need SOME improvement
Need LITTLE improvement
UNDERSTANDING MY CULTURAL IDENTITY — Understanding how we think about ourselves as well as the people and ways of life with which we identify.
CHECKING CULTURAL LENSES — RecognisingRecognising the ways in which cultural backgrounds differ and how they influence thinking, behaviour and assumptions.
GLOBAL CONCIOUSNESS — Moving across boundaries and seeing the world from multiple perspectives.
SHIFTING PERSPECTIVES — Putting ourselves in others’ shoes and cultures.
INTERCULTURAL CONNECTIONS — Exchanging ideas and feelings and creating meanings with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.
MANAGING CROSS-CULTURAL CONFLICT — Dealing with conflict among people from differing cultural backgrounds in an effective and constructive manner.
MULTICULTURAL TEAMING — Working with others from diverse cultural backgrounds to accomplish certain tasks.
DEALING WITH BIAS — Recognising bias in ourselves and others and responding to it effectively.
UNDERSTANDING THE DYNAMICS OF POWER — Grasping how power and culture interrelate and the effect of power on how we see the world and relate to others.
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