Transcript Request Form
Use this form to request a transcript from the RTMA office. You must fill out a separate form for each school. Please DO NOT submit this request unless the application has already been opened. Transcripts received for students with no current application are usually discarded by the college.

Please note specific instructions for transcripts going to Rutgers University and yeshivas in Israel, detailed in the "Address" field below.

Official signed and sealed transcripts are sent only to other schools. If you are requesting a transcript for your personal records, please put "Personal" in the "School" field, along with your current home address, and an unofficial transcript will be sent to your home. If you require more complete records or other information, please contact Mr. Glasser at, or (908)-355-4850 ext 6253.

Please Remember:
If your application has a form that must accompany the transcript, please give it to Mr. Frank.
Records release is subject to approval from both the Business Office and the Principal's office.
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Grades Completed at RTMA *
Date of Graduation *
If you have not yet graduated, use your expected date of graduation. If you are not an RTMA graduate, indicate the date you left RTMA.
Name of School Applying *
Please be precise. For example, "Lander College" and "Touro College" are two separate schools.
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Address of School Applying *
Include address, state, and ZIP as listed for the school's admissions office. Rutgers University does not require an official transcript until the end of the academic year. To request a transcript for the application, put "N/A" in the field below. If your application to yeshivas in Israel asks for a transcript, an unofficial transcript will be emailed to you directly, and you will submit it with your application. To request this, put "N/A" in the field below.
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CUNY ID Number
Please DO NOT submit a request for a CUNY school until you have your CUNY ID number. Your request will not be processed without it.
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Please list everyone you will be asking for a recommendation. If your application has a form that must accompany the recommendations, please give it to Mr. Frank.
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