Witchcraft I Application 2017
In-person class with Elaanie Stormbender, HPS - begins September 2, 2017

Witchcraft I is the first in a five-degree system of training for the modern Witch in the Temple of Witchcraft tradition. Currently the Temple is growing and graduates of the tradition are working together in forming a more cohesive organization dedicated to teaching, training, and ministerial work in the inner and outer worlds. It is a year-long, in-person study which addresses the art, science and religion of Witchcraft and explores the definition and role of the Witch in both history and the modern world. Further this study explores the philosophy of witchcraft and paganism in general, the application/s of the use of psychic energy, and the journey to the inner realms through regular exercises, journaling, and meditation. For those who successfully complete all requirements of this study, there will be opportunity for initiation of the first degree in the Temple Tradition of Witchcraft and continuation in study to Witchcraft 2.

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