TW 2016 Application - STEP ONE
Welcome to the 2016 Application! We're excited that you're interested in our program.

Applications Open: October 3

Our first class will begin on February 1.

The Process:
Once you've completed the STEP ONE application, we will be in touch with follow-up questions based on the stage your company is currently in. From idea level with no co-founder (yet) to companies generating more than 100k in revenue annually -- you are eligible to join this program and receive varying levels of investment.
Name of Company *
Your name and contact info. *
Please give us your name, phone and an email address.
What city or cities do you hail from? *
Where did you hear about Tech Wildcatters?
Read in the news, heard someone speaking at a conference, my network referred me, I googled, etc.
The Business: Describe your business in "Twitter" style. *
Give us your best elevator pitch in no more than 140 characters.
What problem does your business solve? *
Who do you solve this problem for? *
Hint: Who's your target market?
How do you solve that problem? *
How will you (or do you) make money? *
What's unique, new or different about your product? *
How far into the product life cycle are you? *
If you've already launched and have any traction in the marketplace, please share some statistics.
Who are your current competitors? *
Hint: You always have a competitor. Please list three companies that you believe are direct or indirect competitors and why you're the better solution.
How have you financed your company to date? *
Angels, bootstrapping, friends/family, VC, etc.
Explain the technical architecture of your solution. *
Do you have a live site, demo site, product URL or anything else to show us?
If yes, please paste the link below.
Tell us about each member of your team. *
Background, education, etc.
What makes you the right team to tackle this problem? *
Share more about your relationship with your team. *
How long have you known each other? How did you meet? What have you worked on together in the past?
Why have you chosen to apply to Tech Wildcatters? *
What do you hope to get out of our program?
What keeps you up at night? *
Surely something does.
Do you know any Tech Wildcatters mentors or alums?
List them below (along with their companies, if you know that info).
The program begins the first week of March and ends in May. Do any of your team members have conflicts with that time?
If so, please list them (and their role) and be specific about which dates they will be unavailable.
Got a video?
Videos will greatly improve your application - it gives us a chance to get to know you. Even a short one-minute video on your phone will work! Share your video link below or email it directly to
Anything else you want to share with us?
Links to media, reviews, data, etc.
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