DC State Fair - Honey Contest Entry Form

Welcome to the DC State Fair! Please fill out the information below to enter the Honey Contest. There's a maximum of 50 contest entries--so get yours in soon! Submissions should be in a clear, glass jar with no imprints or labels, so no Mason (canning) jars. Minimum size is 8 oz, one pound is preferred. This contest is for only honey; no comb honey. All beekeepers and hives entering the contest must be a residents of the District of Columbia to be eligible to compete in this honey competition. DC State Fair will be held on Saturday, September 22, at Barracks Row Day near Eastern Market metro. The drop-off and judging schedule is available on www.dcstatefair.org/event-details. Drop-off: 11 to noon. Judging: Noon. Please pick up your entry after judging if possible. We ask that winning entries be on display until Fair closing at 5 PM, when they can be claimed if you agree to display your Honey.
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See you at the Fair!

There is no entry fee for the Honey Contest, but donations are always welcome on the day of the Fair or by following this shortened link to visit the DC State Fair PayPal donation page (http://www.dcstatefair.org/paypal.html). Hit submit to make your entry. Thank you for participating in DC State Fair!

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