Now Hiring: Work for The Cleveland Flea
So, you've always dreamt about working for The Cleveland Flea... well, it's time to wake up because this could be your chance to join our team!

The Cleveland Flea is looking to fill the following positions:

Starting Date:
As early as 5/25/17, or as fits into a schedule that benefits both the interviewee and the interviewer.

Hours Per Week:
We’re open to discussing part-time work, as long as it meets our needs. We need a dedicated employee who can commit to working a set schedule, whether that’s 3 full days a week or Monday-Friday half days.

24 to 40 hours weekly
Event weeks may be more hours, but we aim to keep 40 hours or less weekly averaged over each month

Working interview for two weeks @ $12 hourly. Potential for pay increase when skillset is leveled or exceeds expectations.
At the end of two weeks, a review with staff and interviewee will take place, which will review the overall fit within the business.

Job Requirements:
Ability to react to changing conditions
Committed to continual improvement of our site infrastructure improvements
extremely efficient
internally motivated
strong time management skills
strong communication skills
highly organized
attention to detail
weekend and evening availability
works well with others, or in a team environment
positive outlook
sticks to schedule, task-oriented
asks questions when unclear
has had training / experience with power tools
safe shop practices
clean-as-you-go (keeps the shop tidy)
has ability to plan / price a project before the start
Creative problem solver
thrifty / diy (looks around to see what we have before ordering more supplies)
has the ability to manage themselves at some point soon

Skills Developed on the Job:
Understanding the engineering of flea events
Working effectively within a growing startup, understanding priorities and becoming a self-starter
Working effectively within a creative team
Event logistics
Pop Up Architecture Design + Storage
Photo Shoot Stage Set Design

Primary Responsibilities:
Production, setup, teardown, storage and maintenance of all Flea Infrastructure
onsite execution
Creating a plan for day-of team for setup + teardown
Making sure all safety requirements are met
Ensuring that all Flea Infrastructure is setup / torn down
team management
Working with Elizabeth (logistics manager) to secure temporary workers for build projects and day-of event setup / teardown
overseeing event building crew for any construction projects, during flea events, during setup and teardown
Preparing kits for day-of staff (making sure each part of the event has their own setup)
Continual creation of new processes / procedures to make setup / teardown as low-energy and seamless as possible
A big part of the job is making (and executing) recommendations to lower costs, lower setup and teardown time / complexity, store materials more properly
event guides/binders for build staff
compiling and printing all necessary paperwork and tracking forms for setup / teardown crew (setup maps printed, storage area ready and organized for setup, bars stocked with appropriate materials)
office management
Returning the state of the office to normal post flea, post photoshoot, and post in-office event
Inventorying event infrastructure
Assisting unloading and loading vendor vehicles with vendors during photo shoots
Office Build Projects
In-house design / build projects for the office
Photoshoot set design / builds as necessary
Coordinating with electricians, plumbers, landlord
Improving the shop for better storage of infrastructure
Online management
Track orders and shipments of online build purchases
Merch / product design and production
We’d like introduce some basic designs that we can sell to vendors and we will produce in-house
Price, present and roll-out of those products
Special Event Project: BoothCamp
We’d like to host an event to help vendors build out and design their booths
This would be an event you’d spearhead and run outside of flea

Please fill out the following form as best you can. We will follow-up via email within the next fourteen days.

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