Parent/Guardian Survey
As part of a larger research project, Mountain State Justice is working with Disability Rights West Virginia to survey parents/guardians of children with disabilities who are currently between 3 and 21 years old on their experiences in West Virginia public schools. We will keep all responses confidential, and will not share any of your identifying information. While providing your identifying information (name, email, and phone number) is not required, it will help us ensure students receive the education to which they are entitled. Please submit one survey per child. Parents/guardians with multiple children with disabilities should submit multiple responses.
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What is the name of your child's school? If not in a school, please identify the setting where your child receives education (e.g., homeschool, juvenile correctional facility). *
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What is your child's disability? *
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Does your child have an IEP? *
Does your child have a Behavior Intervention Plan? *
How many times, if any, have you been told to pick up your child this year due to a behavior issue/incident or other reason related to their disability? *
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Have you been asked to keep your child home for an extra day(s), without the time being counted against them (suspension or unexcused absence)? *
Has the school ever offered to not formally discipline your child if they are picked up from school or kept home for any period of time? *
Has your child ever been suspended from riding the school bus? *
At your child's school, are there any special education classrooms outside of the main school building(s), or are special education classrooms isolated away from regular education classrooms within the main school building(s)? *
At your child's school, is there a separate entrance(s) for special education students? *
If your child attends all or part of the day in a separate special education classroom, where is that classroom located in the building? *
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Where does your child usually eat lunch? *
Does your child attend classes like physical education, art, and music with age-appropriate, general education peers? *
Does your child attend field trips with age-appropriate general education peers? *
At your child's school, are there different special education classrooms for students with certain disabilities? *
While at school, does your child only interact with students with disabilities? *
Approximately what percentage of the school day does your child spend in a general education classroom? *
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