GNIP Historical Data Estimation Request

Would you like to get a free estimate of the number of Tweets you can get out of the Gnip Full Historical PowerTrack for Twitter? Please provide a start and stop date. Also provide at least one valid GNIP PowerTrack for Twitter rule. You can list up to 15 rules per estimate. We will give you back an estimate of the number of tweets that can be delivered via the Alpha historical Twitter "Snaphot" program. You can submit this form up to 10 times. For more information on valid GNIP Power Track for Twitter operators, please visit: This service is provided by DiscoverText. Visit us at Gnip is only able to provide rough estimates at this time. Actual volume could vary quite a bit based on volume fluctuations that be have been present during the requested time frame. We will provide you with the estimate as soon as Gnip processes the filter rules against the entire Twitter corpus. Use rules and date ranges to be as specific as possible (ie., dont ask for every Tweet with 'Obama' over 6 full years). Let us know if you have any question. You can write to Thanks, ~Stu -- Dr. Stuart W. Shulman Founder and CEO, Texifter
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