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This form is to be used by Telluride School District teachers and staff that wish to have the school purchase an iPad app for their Teacher iPad or for their Class.
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List teachers you have talked to about using this App.
Which standards will you be addressing when using this iPad App? (you can cut & paste form your Unit plan, your Curriculum Map, NETS, etc.)
How will you collect data on the effectiveness of using this App? *
What are your Formative and Summative assessments?
Would you be willing to put together a very short presentation regarding your use of this iPad App?
You could use Google Presentation, Keynote, Pages, Powerpoint, Prezi, iMovie etc..Be creative if you want.
When do you plan to start using this App? *
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What is the duration of time that you will be using this App?
All Year? Second Trimester? For as long as I'm here teaching this subject?
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