Level 2 TEDx Event Application

Thank you for your interest in holding a Level 2 TEDx event! Before you apply be sure to read all of our rules and guidelines and know that receiving a Level 2 license status does not designate hierarchy, it is not a label to wield power in your community or region, or is it an excuse to designate one event as “better” than another. Achieving Level 2 status is a privilege – we ask that Level 2 licensees maintain the spirit and ideals of TED and TEDx at all times: 1. Assume a leadership role in your community without creating hierarchy. TEDx is a flat community -- no one organizer is better or more important than another. Humility is key. 2. Promote a spirit of collaboration verses competition in your city, region and country by hosting regular coffees, get-togethers or workshops. 3. Pass on your knowledge to other licensee. Assume a mentorship role to new licenses in your community if and when time permits. 4. Protect the TED/TEDx brand, and the spirit of its ecosystem. If you feel something is not quite in line with the TEDx philosophy please let us know: tedx@ted.com.
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