TEDxCity2.0 Grant Application

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The Knight Foundations is offering a limited amount of funding to help support TEDxCity2.0 events. Only events where the licensee has an already active TEDx license (besides their TEDxCity2.0 type event) are eligible to apply for funding when registering a TEDxCity2.0 event. Note: At this time, funding is only available for US-based events. All applications must be submitted by August 10th. Grants are awarded on a rolling basis.


We’re seeking to support programming that is cross-disciplinary, solutions oriented, and celebrates citizen engagement. Some suggested topics to explore: Art Public art allows people to see themselves, their aspirations, and struggles reflected in the urban infrastructure. Cities are thus a canvas, albeit rarely a blank one. Education Cities are big, noisy classrooms. They teach us how to live with and learn from people totally unlike us, draw on the past and push into the future, and be entrepreneurial and resilient. Play Play is a neglected and essential component of urban life--for kids, of course, but for adults, too. Play is inextricably linked with health, creativity, and innovation. Food How is our food is grown, shipped, prepared, and shared? Health Everything from access to nutritious food to the safety of our streets, to the quality of the very air we breathe influences our well being, and the longevity of our lives. Housing Urban advocates have long struggled with the daunting, but compelling challenge of finding ways to make dignifying homes available more widely. Public space Cities are fundamentally shared spaces. Whether it's in parks, plazas, or public libraries--we gather together and become something bigger. Safety Planning, prevention, policing, governance, and local coalitions of neighbors and community members are ensuring safety in all kinds of creative ways.

Judging criteria:

TED staff will review all applications and make determinations considering the following: 1. Is the event feasible given the organizing group and the plan? 2. Will the grant make a significant contribution to underwriting the project? 3. The quality of the proposed speakers and talks. 4. Demonstration of financial need. 5. Alignment with the vision and spirit of the City 2.0 TED Prize Wish. For more information visit www.thecity2.org.


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