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Read the instructions carefully before you start filling in the form!

TEDx talks are transcribed and translated using the subtitling platform Amara. All subtitles completed on the TED team on Amara are automatically synced with the videos on the TEDx YouTube channel.

Transcribing and translating makes the videos accessible to the Deaf, the hard of hearing viewers, as well as those who speak other languages.

If a TEDx talk you're looking to subtitle is not on the TEDx Project in Amara, please fill in this form and it will be added as soon as possible. NOTE: Since such videos do not need subtitles, do not submit performances with no speech (e.g. dance, music without lyrics or any commentary between the songs played on the stage).

How to check if a talk is already part of the correct team?

Where to search for the talk in the TEDx team?

NOTE: Only submit talks ONCE! All your submissions are received and saved, no need to multiply them. We will respond to every one of them in a timely manner. No need to email us once you've submitted talks via the form. You will be notified once the talks are available for subtitling.

Talk YouTube URL
Please paste the link to the talk on YouTube. If you wish to add more talks, please use separate form for each talk.
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Is the talk on Amara, but not in the TEDx Project on the TED team?
If it is, only paste the Amara link to the talk outside the TED team and we will transfer it to the right team. If it is not, or you are not sure, leave the field blank. Do not add any comments or questions.
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Year of the event
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Please leave your email address to be notified once the talk is available on Amara.
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Amara username.
If you want to work on the task or have it assigned to your team member, leave Amara username/s of volunteer/s tasks should be assigned to. Please submit ONLY THE AMARA USERNAME with no other comments or questions or email addresses. Incomplete or incorrect submissions will not be processed. NOTE: One user can only work on 5 tasks at the same time. Before you request a task to be assigned to you, make sure you have as many free slots as the number of talks you wish to work on. If your task list if full, the task will remain open to the general pool. Make sure you're a member of the TED team. If you're not sure, this tutorial explains how to join:
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