CTA@NYC Application - Group 8

Thanks for your interest in the CTA@NYC!

This application form is the 1st of 2 steps of the CTA@NYC’s recruitment process. Should your application go forward, we will share with you the details of the 2nd step which will consist of a recorded video interview.


1. Please fill out the following application and submit your completed form by SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6 at MIDNIGHT.

2. All information submitted will be shared with selection committee members (external to the Government of Canada) – please be mindful that the Consulate General of Canada in New York therefore cannot guarantee the privacy/confidentiality of your information!

3. If you have any questions regarding the selection process, please participate in one of the information sessions that we have scheduled for this purpose. Details can be found at:

Selection Criteria:

Simple! We are looking to work with stellar digital media companies with:

• Founding team and product in place
• High-growth potential and proven traction
• Unique technology/business model relevant to industries of strength in NYC
• Ability to leverage opportunities in the NYC market to achieve growth
• Fit – in terms of sub-sector and business needs – with CTA@NYC mentors
• Commitment to attending programming & to spending time in NYC

Companies that are beyond 25 employees, or are gearing up for a Series B are considered beyond start-up stage for the purposes of the CTA and will be best served by other programming at the Consulate. Please inquire should you be interested in additional details.

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