People Mover! Design Challenge for TechShop Detroit Grand Opening

Please complete the following proposal for your People Mover project. Once we receive your submission, we will consider its feasibility and safety, and get back to you as soon as possible. After approved, your team will be registered and receive instructions on how to get started! Remember, your People Mover MUST: ... be a new design, made from materials found on this planet. ... safely support and move 2 adults between 2 static points – defined by the team ... include a manual override if operated remotely ... be accompanied by a member of the build team during the Grand Opening event ... have appropriate brakes ... be awesome MUST NOT: … be composed of anymore than 30% prefabricated parts. No light hacks … be directly driven by a gasoline motor larger than 125cc … be any sort of vehicle that is currently produced commercially … endanger any riders or spectators … be legal for street use in the State of Michigan. MORE INFO: - Selected teams will receive a free month’s membership to TechShop and 1 free class per person, as well as an additional class per team. - Teams are allowed access to shop upon acceptance of proposal. - Teams may work on projects off-site until April 29, but must bring entries to TechShop between April 29 and May 1 to finish build. - People Movers must be completed by 5pm, Friday May 4, (we suggest finishing Thursday and leaving Friday for final touches) - Friday May 4th is a press preview of the Grand Opening, so teams must be aware that a number of local and national press outlets will be onsite. - Final inspection of the People Movers will take place at 6pm on Friday, May 4. - Judging of the People Movers will take place on Sunday May 6th, beginning at 2pm. - Prizes include 3D Printers, Welders, Gift Cards from Inventables, TechShop Gear and MORE! - We love kids and especially parent/child teams, but ALL team members must be over 14 years old.
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