Maker Faire 2017 Build Competition: Sound FX Challenge!
Get ready to make some noise!
Announcing the Maker Faire Sound FX Competition!!!

Join us this year for our annual Maker Faire Build Competition! This year our challenge is... Sound FX!

This competition is all about making sound and there aren’t many rules. You can make anything you can imagine as long as it makes sound using the Adafruit Sound FX board. This board is designed to make it simple and easy to add electronic sound FX to all kinds of projects. Check it out here:

You can design a musical instrument (similar to the bacon piano on display at our Wakey, Wakey, Eggs and Makey event) a talking puppet, a laser beam gun, a giant roaring creature, an interactive game, a garden sculpture...etc! So long as it makes noise, any kind of project and any type of materials are fair game!

Never heard of the Adafruit Sound FX board before? Don’t worry, no electronics experience is needed! This board is plug and play and can be as simple or complex as you’d like. If you have no electronics or Arduino experience this is a great first project because it involves NO CODING! But, if you already have some Arduino chops you can pair this board with an Arduino to do more complex operations or increase your project’s level of interactivity.

What you'll get for participating:

All of the following materials (use of all materials except the Sound FX board is optional):
-1 Adafruit Sound FX board
-Choice of a few speaker options
-Choice of a few different power options
-Prototyping "bread" board and jumper wires
-Access to a selection of different electronics parts to experiment with
-1 full 4x8 sheet of 2” pink insulation foam to build your project with
-A basic selection of latex and spray paints/finishing materials
-2 Free Maker Faire passes - one for you and one for a lucky guest!
-Free lunch on both days of Maker Faire!

Feel free to ad anything else you like!

We will also be offering an optional Learn and Build series every Thursday night in July to anyone interested in learning some new techniques to help you complete this project!

Thursday 7/6/17 @ 6:30pm:
-Project introduction
-Presentation on possibilities
-Adafruit Sound FX board overview
-Switches are your friend!

Thursday 7/13/17 @ 6:30pm
-Hands-on Adafruit Sound FX board tutorial
-Foam working/finishing tips, tricks, techniques

Thursday 7/20/17 @ 6:30pm
-Group work night and project troubleshooting

Thursday 7/27/17 @ 6:30pm
-Group work night - finishing touches and testing!

This year's grand prize winner will be decided at Maker Faire through popular vote and will get a gift card worth $100.00 at The champion also gets dibs on the annual Maker Faire Build Competition trophy - free project and personal tool storage for a year in a big red rolling tool chest!

Second and Third place runners up will each receive a $50.00 gift card to

Sound fun? Hit "Next" to signup!

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