TEC SDPA Service Sign Up Form
Please fill out this simple form to sign up for the TEC SDPA service. When you submit, a pre-filled service agreement will be emailed to you, along with our W-9 and instructions to finalize the sign up process.
Organization Name *
Enter your district name and SAU number (if applicable)
Address *
City *
State *
Zip *
Number of Students *
Enter the number of students enrolled in the district (SAU) based upon the most recent October 1st enrollment number. The annual district registration fee is calculated based on the number of students enrolled x $1.00 per student, plus a $200 SDPC Provider fee.
Authorized Signer
This person is usually the Superintendent or Business Manager and is authorized to sign the one-time TEC SDPA Service Agreement.
Authorized Signer Name *
Authorized Signer Title *
Authorized Signer Email *
Point Person
This person is usually the Technology Director and will be (digitally) signing hundreds of Data Privacy Agreements (DPAs).
Point Person Name
Point Person Title
Point Person Email Address
Point Person Phone Number *
LEA representative
This is usually your Technology Director.
Technology Director Name *
Technology Director Title *
Please provide the exact title of your head of technology for your organization
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