TEA Fund Board Member Application
Welcome! We are thrilled that you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors for the Texas Equal Access Fund and would appreciate if you could complete the application below to give us a chance to learn more about you.

The TEA Fund Board of Directors’ purpose is to guide the organization’s development, program(s), and mission. The board works to oversee and direct the organization’s affairs in accordance with the mission, operating procedures, and standards of fiscal responsibility.

Responsibilities of the Board:
- Affirm the mission, core beliefs, and values of the TEA Fund.
- Fundraise and grow donor database.
- Protect the organization’s assets and provide financial oversight.
- Develop and implement a workable fundraising plan.
- Develop and routinely monitor an annual budget.
- Promote TEA Fund within local, state, national, and international communities.
- Monitor and strengthen direct services program(s).
- Recruit and develop new board members, and build a competent, diverse board.
- Select, develop/support, and evaluate staff, interns, and volunteers, as needed.

Expected Contribution of Board Member:
- Weekly (1-2 hrs) :
Follow through on all tasks committed to at meetings
Respond to communication from board members, staff, volunteers, and donors within 48 hours

- Monthly (3-5 hrs):
Attend and engage in all scheduled board meetings and assigned events
Review agenda and board documents provided prior to board meetings
Stay informed regarding the activities and business operations of the TEA Fund
Update NationBuilder (donor database) as needed (immediately following any relevant activity)

- Bi-annually/Annually
Attend scheduled retreats (typically all day Saturday & Sunday)
Complete and follow through with fundraising menu
Provide ongoing financial support (at any dollar amount)
Peer evaluation and assessment of board member performance

- As needed
Participate in any decision-making process that arises between board meetings
Attend trainings, coalition and networking opportunities, and other RJ events

Term: We ask for an initial commitment of up to two years, comprised of the remainder of the current calendar year and one additional calendar year. At the conclusion of the second calendar year, the board member may roll off or opt to remain on the board. Each January the current board members commit to a one-year term; each June the current board members indicate their provisional intentions for the following year's board membership. Continued membership is subject to the policies and approval of the board.
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