King Music Council Application
Positions and Requirements:

KMC Cabinet (Candidates running for a Cabinet position need to have served on the KMC for at least one year)
- 1 Prime Minister: Gr 11/12, at least 2 years on KMC – Coordinator of KMC
- 1 Deputy Prime Minister: at least one year on KMC – Co-Coordinator of KMC
- 1 Secretary of State: Meeting minutes, weekly emails to KMC, KMC attendance tracking
- 2 Ministers of Communications: Posters, announcements, publicity - Flare for art/design/communications
- 1 Minister of Social Affairs: Flare for getting people involved and coordinating events

KMC General Members
- Members of Parliament: Share your thoughts/ideas with the KMC, support KMC events

Note about KMC:
1) Students applying for a KMC Cabinet position, but who are not elected to that position, will be automatically considered for a KMC General Member position.
2) Students may apply for up to 2 Executive positions on the King Music Council, but should prepare only one speech for both positions.

Councils at RH King:
1) Students may serve in only one Executive/Cabinet position per year at RH King
2) Students may serve on two councils, but may serve in only one executive position at RH King
3) Gr 9 students may serve on only one council during their Gr 9 year

KMC Applications - Due by Tues, May 14, through this online application process.

All prospective KMC members must attend the KMC Election Information meeting on Wed, May 15.

Elections - If there is more than one declaration for a Cabinet position, a list of candidates competing for Cabinet positions will be posted outside the Music Room by Thurs, May 17. Speeches outlining strengths and commitment will be made by competing candidates for each Cabinet position at the KMC meeting on Wed, May 22. In your speech, be sure to INCLUDE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES of your strengths and commitment to KMC!

The final list of KMC Members of Parliament and KMC Cabinet Members will be posted outside the music room on Tues, May 28.

Tues, May 14 - Applications due
Wed, May 15 - Election info meeting
Thurs, May 16 - Candidates list posted
Wed, May 22 - Election speeches
Tues, May 28 - KMC final list posted

Good luck!

What is your first name? *
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What grade are you in right now? *
Identify the position(s) you are applying for: Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Secretary of State, Ministers of Communications (2), Minister of Social Affairs, Member of Parliament. You may apply for up to 2 Executive positions. Students applying for an Executive position, but who are not elected to that position, will be automatically considered for a KMC General Member position. *
Which music course are you enrolled in next year? Check all that apply *
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In the space provided, outline the skills will you bring to the Council, and provide an example of how you have used these skills in past clubs, councils, classes, etc. *
Please take time to answer this question. You are being evaluated on the skills you would bring to the council.
If I am elected/selected for the King Music Council, I will demonstrate a commitment to this council, attend all KMC events, while simultaneously maintaining a commitment to regular classes, including academic progress and attendance. *
Grade 9 and 10 students may participate in only one Council per year at R.H. King Academy.

Thank you for your application. Good luck!
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