TCCC Worship Leader Conference 2017
Registration Form Below. The Conference is open to anyone interested in the ministry of music and worship leading. Even if you are not leading in worship in anyway, come and join us to learn how you can be a better worshiper each Sunday morning. If you have trouble viewing the link or filling in the form on the email, go to our website for a direct link.

**IMPORTANT** Please RSVP by Nov 11th, 2017.

Worship Leader
TCCC Worship Leader Conference 2017
There is one reason why we call Sunday as a Day of Worship. Once a week, the people of God gather to praise with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. They ponder on the Word and devote their attention to God. Music is an important thread that weaves in the whole worship experience. Pastor and song-writer, Jack Hayford says it aptly: "Worship changes the worshiper into the image of the One worshiped."

This is a powerful training course for Worship Leaders and those interested in the ministry of Worship Leading. You do not need to be a worship leader in order to attend. This conference will benefit especially those who are currently leading, supporting, or working on sound systems each Sunday.

DATE: NOVEMBER 25TH, 2017 (Saturday)
PLACE: TCCC (3433 Coast Meridian Road, Port Coquitlam, BC, V3B 3N7)
TIME: 10-4pm (full day)
COST: Freewill Offering

Worship Team Training Session Topics:
- Worship from a Biblical Perspective
- The Role of Musical Worship in the Church
- The Role of the Congregational Worship Leader
- Leading Worship in Community
- Choosing Songs, Setlists, Styles, and Song Keys
- How to Transition Between Songs
- Music Theory 101
- Worship Team Communication and Band Dynamics
- Roles within the Contemporary Worship Team (ie. Lead and background vocals, rhythm and accent instruments)
- Leading Worship with a Small Team
- Leading Worship Solo
- Leading Worship without Instruments
- Planning and Running Rehearsals
- Teaching the Congregation New Songs
- Technical Challenges in Worship


You don't have to be a worship leader in order to participate. All you need is a heart for worship or a desire to pray for those in the music ministry. Who knows, you might learn how to be a better worshiper each Sunday once you know the hard work behind the songs and worship leading!

THE TRAINER is Mr Alexander Toney, who is currently Music Director at All Saints Community Church at White Rock, BC. At his home Church, he leads the musical Worship and works with his ministry team to plan for the weekly services. He desires to facilitate an environment that enables people to enter the throne room of God in genuine Worship from the heart. This is something he loves to do more than any other musical endeavour and he is thankful for the opportunities given to do it.

He is also "House of Worship Manager" at Tom Lee Music, where he serves Houses of Worship and affiliated schools and organizations across BC with all music and equipment related needs; including: Acoustic & Digital Pianos, Live Sound & Recording, Musical Instruments, Training, and more!

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