Money sites


A great first stop for many people should be this website. It has links to the websites of central banks for many different countries.


This is the website for the European Central Bank.  It has much information, especially related to identification. “Euro School” has games.


This site explains the euro to US kids.  It is a good introduction and is easy to understand.


Looking for images and descriptions of Euro coins? Go to this page and then look in the column on the left for the section titled “Euro coins info.”  Click on the link that names the coin you are interested in.


Here is the history of different Canadian coins


This is the website for a company that sells money to collectors.  There are pictures of the banknotes that they have in their collection.  Most of them are old and are no longer used.  Choose the country you are interested in from the link at the top and then find your country on that page.


There are many sites that help find the exchange rates between currencies.   This one is a little easier to understand than some of the others.  You can also get background information about the currencies used in many countries (Look for “Popular Currency Profiles”).


Look at currencies from around the world with background information on the countries.  It seems to have just about every country.


Discover Historic US Currency. This site has a comprehensive listing of who has been on past US currency.


If you are interested in what the symbols on American money mean then this is the site for you.  It is written for adults, but fourth graders should understand the main ideas.


This is the site for the US Mint.  They make the coins for the USA.  There are lots of things to look at.  Be sure to find the section for “Coins and Medals.”  It has lots of information about different coins.  Also, look at the section called “The Monting Process Revealed.”  It explains how coins are made.


There is information about the coins of Great Britain on the Royal Mint site.  Be careful when looking here because the Mint also makes special coins for souvenirs that are not really meant to be used as money.  This page in the website will work for what you have to do (except for the five pound coin).



Search hints

Look for your country’s:

·         National Bank

·         Central bank

·         Treasury

·         Mint

·         Ministry of Finance