Non-traditional Small Group for the Traditionally Busy Person
Life is too hectic for some to make it to a small group every week, so rather than just feel guilty about it all the time - let's try something new.

Fill out the form below to join a Tapestry Dinner Club.

Rules of the club -

1. You don't have to host if you don't want to. Obviously we would love you to host, but we understand that not everyone has the home, ability, or desire to do so.

2. If you host, you cook the entire meal. We love the idea of everyone else just having to show up. And let's be honest, we would rather have someone cook rather than ten bags of chips picked up from Publix on the way to dinner.

3. Each adult contributes $5 to the host (kids will be free.) This way, it won't be a huge cost to the host, but $10 to feed your family is still pretty great! If hosts don't want the money, they can donate it to the Tapestry Dinner Club sponsorship fund.

4. If you can't afford the $5, just let one of the Blairs know privately. We will take care of it.

If you are in a dinner club with children (ages 2+), the small group material will be so that the children participate in the discussion/activities. The family dinner club aims to address the spiritual development of the entire family, not just the parents.

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