Spring 2018 Force Request Form
Please Note: YOU WILL NOT HEAR BACK FROM US UNLESS YOUR REQUEST IS GRANTED. APPROVED REQUESTS WILL BE NOTIFIED THROUGH TAMU EMAIL. This form must be submitted one time for EACH course you are requesting. DO NOT attempt to submit requests for two or more classes via one submission. We WILL NOT accept your request if you do so. You must include a correct TAMU email in order for requests to be considered. FORCE REQUESTS ARE NOT AUTOMATIC, GUARANTEED OR PROCESSED IMMEDIATELY!

For questions please contact Megan Teel megan_teel@tamu.edu

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If requesting HORT 416, 420, or 421 - Are you 21 or will you be 21 before the first day of class?
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This is a new certificate program starting Spring 2018 - please see an advisor for more information.
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Approved force requests will be notified through TAMU email. Students who are approved must register for the class themselves. We will not register you.

Force requests will be considered during open registration.

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