Shinbukan Jodo Seminar 2016
The Shinbukan Hungary dojo invites you to the Spring JODO seminar
held by Gabor Habermajer jodo 5th dan

the 12th and 13th of March, 2016

Hungary - Visegrád - Rév str. 4
Áprily Lajos Primary School - Sports hall (

the dojo will be open from 18.00 free practice is possible.

08.00 registration 10.00–12.30 / 15.00–17.30 ZNKR jodo & Koryu Jodo, 17.30–20.00 free practice

10.00–12.30 / 14.00–16.00 ZNKR jodo & Koryu Jodo

Seminar: 10.000 HUF, payment in cash at the sports hall during the registration

Free of charge if in the dojo
(The dojo will be open from aprox 18.00. Bring your sleeping bag and a matress.)

Alternatively you can arrange a hotel accomodation on your own:
*Hotel Honti -
*Hotel Visegrád -
*or rent a private room

If you need more information or help, don't hesitate to contact us by:
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