Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Held at: Interlochen Public Library

        The meeting was called to order by President Beasley at 5:34pm. Present were Beasley, Fowle, Kachadurian, Galic, Thompson, and Lawrence . Luyt arrived at 5:40pm. Also present were Judson (counsel), Lansdale, Parsons-Doughty, Buchanan, Olson and Carpenter (Staff).

        Motion by Lawrence to approve the agenda with an amendment to add as item 7f Strategic Planning Objectives proposal from Joe VanderMeulen of LIAA. Galic supported. Motion carried as amended.

        Beasley opened the meeting for public comment. There was one public comment from Jason Gillman, County Commissioner District 1, regarding a Michigan Supreme Court decision that may impact TADL revenues. There was no further public comment at this time.

Cathlyn Sommerfield, NMC Director of Research Services, presented an overview of the quantitative results of the Employee Survey conducted by NMC.   Beasley allowed public comment to remain open for this portion of the agenda.  The qualitative comment portion of the Employee Survey was not published on the recommendation of Sommerfield.

Motion by Thompson, supported by Lawrence, not to post the comments on the website. Carried.

Motion by Fowle, supported by Lawrence to approve the minutes from the Regular Meeting of March 17, 2011. Carried.

Lansdale confirmed her written report and added that Amy Barritt, a new librarian in Adult Services at TADL, will be doing a presentation to the Board at the May 12th regular Board meeting about her local history project at Kingsley Branch Library.

Parsons-Doughty presented the Financial Report. TADL is currently within $7000 of budgeted revenue. Overall TADL is on track.

Member library reports were presented.

Committee reports were reserved until later in the agenda to coincide with items under New Business.

Lansdale reviewed communication 6e.i. and congratulated Kingsley Public Library for its recognition.

Motion by Luyt, supported by Thompson to pay the Debt Service invoice in the amount of  $582793.76. Carried.

Trustee Thompson acknowledged his potential conflict of interest regarding the consideration of the involvement of Dennis, Gartland and Niergarth (DGN) as sales agent for Sage/MAS90, an accounting software program.  Thompson’s written disclosure was distributed with the Agenda packet. Scott Morey, TADL Assistant Director for Technology, verified he had no knowledge that Thompson was connected to DGN when he asked the firm for a proposal for installation and training. Motion by Luyt, supported by Galic, to purchase SageMAS90 accounting software as presented. Carried; Thompson abstained.

The Finance Committee and the Policy Committee chairs reported their committees had reviewed the Credit Card Policy during respective committee meetings. Motion by Lawrence, supported by Luyt, to adopt the credit card policy as presented. Carried.

Motion by Luyt, supported by Thompson to approve and authorize the execution of item 6d Commercial Card Service Agreement and item 6e Commercial Card Authorization Certificate as presented. Carried.

A proposal from Joe VanderMeulen with Land Information Access Association (LIAA) to facilitate TADL’s Strategic Planning process was discussed. The proposal includes facilitation services for four meetings, project summation, and assessment. The cost is $4675 which includes hours donated by LIAA. Motion by Lawrence , supported by Fowle to accept the proposal from LIAA to facilitate the planning process. Carried.

Item 8a. Motion by Lawrence, supported by Luyt to accept the Circulation Policy 3.2 Revision as distributed. Carried with dissent by Fowle.

Motion was made by Luyt, supported by Fowle to complete item 8a Director Evaluation. Pursuant to MCL-15.268a, to consider a periodic personnel evaluation, Director Lansdale requested a closed session.

Roll call:

Galic - yes                        Lawrence - yes

Kachadurian - yes                Beasley - yes

Fowle - yes                        Luyt - yes

Thompson - yes

Motion carried.         

The trustees adjourned to closed session at 7:22pm.

        The meeting was re-opened at 9:00 PM whereupon Board President expressed the intent to review the discussion held in closed session relating the evaluation of Director Metta T. Lansdale, Jr. Kachadurian read the following statement for the public:

The Board is giving Metta a positive review in most every area. We have rated her performance in specific areas, and overall as exceeding expectations. In one area, dealing with personnel, we recognized her performance is lower than expected. Many of the initiatives for which Metta has been criticized have been directed by the Board. Those include pushing management responsibility down, changing the organizational structure, reallocating resources and expanding the use of technology. That said we’ll be working with Metta to improve her relationship with the staff. We look forward to seeing progress at her regular annual evaluation in November.

        There being no further public comment and upon a motion by Fowle and seconded by Kachadurian which carried, the meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Victoria Carpenter

Recording Secretary

Thomas Kachadurian

Board Secretary