SynchroLife Blog & Article Bounty
This is an application to participate in the SynchroLife blog and article bounty campaign. To participate in this bounty you must write an original article introducing SynchroLife.

- Must an original and unique blog post or article introducing the SynchroLife service and crowdsale. Copy pasting (for example, copy and pasting from our press release, white paper, website, Bitcointalk announcement, other news sites, etc) the entire article will not be accepted. If the SynchroLife team believes your post lacks originality we may ask you to rewrite it.
- Blog or article post may be in any language.
- Must be 500 words in English (or rough equivalent in your language)
- Blog must contain at least one link to the SynchroLife crowdsale website ( and to the iOS App Store ( and Google Play ( pages for SynchroLife.
- All images or other content used in the article must be copyright free or owned by you. We can provide any images of SynchroLife as needed including screenshots, images from the website, images from the white paper, and food/restaurant images if needed.
- Websites and blogs related to cryptocurrency, technology, startups, mobile apps, or food are preferred.
- Articles will be approved in the order they are received, up to a maximum of 50 articles.

To learn more about the SynchroLife blog & article bounty as well as other bounties please check this post:
To learn more about SynchroLife and our upcoming token crowdsale, please check our official website:

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