SYN Screen Production Application
How to make TV & Screen content for SYN Season 2

- Submit your ideas for a SYN screen production
- Attend Content Lab on March 20th
- Fill in as many fields as you can to give us a better understanding of your idea
- For more information, email the SYN TV and Screen Managers at, we're here to help!

You should receive a response within 3 weeks of submission.

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SYN Membership Number *
If you haven't received one yet, just let us know the date of your SYN induction or if you have forgotten your membership number, email Molly at
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Contact Phone Number
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Have you completed SYN Induction?
You don't need to complete screen training in order to pitch an idea, but you will need to complete it before you go into production.
Content Lab
The TV & Screen Department will be hosting a Content Lab at the House of SYN on Tuesday March 20th from 6-7:30pm for volunteers to pitch ideas and learn more about the department. Will we be seeing you there?
I don't want to pitch an idea. I just want to be cast, crew or consultant
If you would rather just offer your TV & Screen Services, that's fine! Just check the box below and submit the form. Please still come to the content lab on March 20th if you can. Otherwise skip this question and continue to pitch
Project title
This should be around 3 words.
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Synopsis, please provide us with an idea of your concept
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Type of project
Pick at least one. If your project involves more than one of these types, explain this in your synopsis above.
Projects may have genre crossover, but try to be as specific as possible.
Length of Project
How long will each episode go for? E.g. Generally each episode should run between 30seconds and 6 minutes (This is not a hard rule)
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Number of Episodes
If this is a series, how many episodes will the season have? We will be aiming for 3 episodes per season.
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Outline Youth Representation
How will your show represent Melbourne youth culture and/or perspectives? Will it provide training opportunities or rely solely on experienced crew?
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Crew/Cast Requirements
Do you have a crew on board already? Will your show create training opportunities? SYN has an experienced production crew who can help. If you're bringing in friends to help, they must become a member of SYN and complete SYN's Induction. If you are unsure of your crew requirements, that's okay, just write unsure. For now we want you to focus on polishing your idea!
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What equipment do you think you will need?
Are you able to supply your own gear or will you need to borrow SYN's? SYN can provide DLSR cameras, lighting, XLR leads, audio recorders and a variety of microphones. To use SYN equipment, the operators must have completed SYN screen training.
Where will this project be edited?
SYN has 4 computers with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 which you are welcome to use for SYN projects.
Do you have experience in television or media?
Experience is not essential, but it's good for us to know.
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Will all material be original or will some be sourced externally?
You need to have copyright clearance to broadcast any externally sourced material.
Which ratings classification will the project most likely fit into?
This affects the timeslot in which your program could be shown. Webseries' do not need to be classified but SYN has its own restrictions, meaning content cannot condone violence, or the use of drugs or alcohol.
Will your program require extra funding?
SYN is a non-profit organisation so we have a very limited budget. Do you have fundraising or sponsorship plans? Can this be made without hiring extra equipment? The more you can do without money, the better!
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Draft or Final Pitch?
After attending a content lab. We'd be happy to meet with you to discuss your idea. If you want to meet before submitting your idea, email Rachael & Mitch at
Include any further information you wish to provide about your project:
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