Parent Survey
Please think about each statement below. For each statement, decide to what degree you believe the statement to be true, and mark the appropriate box. Please answer every question. Please do not put your name on the survey. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about your child’s school.
My child's school work is challenging.
Teachers believe my child can do well in school.
My child believes he/she can do well in school.
My child's teachers are very knowledgeable about the subjects they teach.
Teachers at Orchard are committed to making sure all students get a good education.
School administrators believe that my child can do well in school.
School administrators have high expectations of staff members.
School administrators defuse negative situations before they get out of hand.
School administrators demonstrate integrity and fairness in their dealings with the community.
School administrators convey a sense of confidence that my child will do well in school.
School administrators acknowledge and value parents as an important part of the school community.
School administrators welcome new and innovative ideas.
My child feels like he/she fits in at this school.
My child enjoys attending this school.
Adults in this school care about my child.
My child has positive, trusting, and caring relationships with other children at this school.
School administrators make my child feel valued at school.
My child feels safe at school.
The school atmosphere is welcoming to students.
I trust and feel trusted by school staff members.
Students, staff members, and school administrators behave respectfully toward one another.
I support the school discipline policies.
School administrators are often visible and interacting with students.
When school rules are broken, the consequences are neither too harsh not too lenient.
Discipline is fairly and consistently applied to all students.
I feel welcome and comfortable at the school.
There are opportunities for me to volunteer to work at the school.
The school communicates with me about what my child is learning at school and how I can help him/her at home.
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