Employer Satisfaction Survey
Thank you for accepting our student for workplace learning. Sydney Catholic Schools RTO invites you to respond to this survey regarding the quality of the RTO's education and training in our schools.

The RTO is required to collect feedback from employers on their views about student training experiences and outcomes. The survey responses play an important role in developing and delivering training at our schools.

The survey instrument is based on a standard format required to be used by all RTOs for compliance purposes. We appreciate your time in completing this survey and your responses will be collected electronically.

Participation is highly valued, but voluntary. Please note that although you may wish to include your name, your response is private and confidential. Respondents will not be identified in any data or reports and survey responses will not be linked with other administrative records.

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Please tell us about the training provided by the SCS RTO. In this questionnaire, the term “training” refers to learning experiences provided by SCS. The term “trainer” refers to trainers or teachers from the Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS).
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Trainers were effective in their teaching.
Trainers had good knowledge and experience of the industry.
The training focused on relevant skills.
The training reflected current practice.
The training prepared employees well for work.
We would recommend the training organisation to others.
The training organisation provided good support for workplace training and assessment.
The training organisation clearly explained what was expected from employers.
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