Wildlife Question Set 1
Science & Technology / Living Things / Matter / Cycle 2-3 (Grade 3-6)
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Q01G- Which animal would not be found in the mixed forest?
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Q02G- What animals are found near the Rouge River?
Hint: Look at the Map
Q03-  Why do animals choose to live in different areas of the forest? Explain your answer.
Q04G-What signs indicate that an animal has moved through the forest?  
Q05G-What is the largest animal that you might see in the ANSC forest?
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Q06G- What is the main diet for most ANSC animals?
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Q07G-What is the latitude and longitude of the red fox .
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Q08G- What is the greatest threat to animals in the forest?
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Q09G- Which of these animals are omnivores?
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Q10-What special features does a Beaver have?  Look at the photo and make a list.
Q11- Describe how humans impact the natural environment of ANSC.
Q12- Look at the animal in the photo.  How do the features help this animal survive it's predators?
Q13G-What is the purpose of the Moose's antlers?
Choose from the list below.
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Q14G-Looking at the tracks provided, identify the animal.
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Q15- What is the theme of the video ?
Please watch the Video below to answer the question
La Mauricie National Park
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