2016-17 EHS CLUBS
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Club NamePurposeStudent PresidentAdvisorMeeting RoomMeeting Days/timesStatusAdvisors Emails
Ace Mentor Program Club Encourage and educate students with STEM related subjects such as architecture, construction and engineering. Yearly recreation of an agricultural project completed by students and asserted by mentors and teachers is sent off to the ACE Mentor Program Junki LeeMr. Foust Room IT-2Every Thursday/Lunch9/06/16 - Approvedjoel.foust@sweetwaterschools.org
Amnesty ClubFundraise money for those in need (human rights organizations)Alexandra Van WormerMs. Bayley Room 808Wednesday/Lunch 9/06/16 - Approvedcheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.org
Art ClubThe purpose is to bring Titans together to share, teach, connect, and express art.Ashley PulidoJuan ArteagaRoom 902Thursdays/Lunch8/09/16 - Approvedjuan.arteaga@sweetwaterschools.org
ASLTo teach basic American Sign Language to interested studentsJoben DetubioMr. PetersonRoom R7Tuesdays/Lunch
Missing member roster and advisor info
Astronomy ClubThe purpose is to gather students who are interested in the far reaches and broad horizons.  In this club, we will not only discuss astronomy, but astrophysics, as well.Aoi BinunMr. SwensonRoom IT6Tuesdays/Lunch8/01/16 - Approvederik.swenson@sweetwaterschools.org
Avid ClubPrepare and help students for college.Kaylee HammondMs. LinanRoom 409Wednesdays/Lunch8/29/16 - Approvedandrea.linan@sweetwaterschools.org
Beach ClubThe purpose is to meet new friends that have a common love for the beach as well as giving back to the beach community.Makena SekimotoMs. VillanuevaR14Mondays/Lunch8/09/16 - Approvedjanine.villanueva@sweetwaterschools.org
Black Student UnionTo unite and uplift yhe black community through community service projectsShelleya Jones
Mrs. Young/ Coach Mitch
Counceling centerwednesday/lunch11/03/16 - ApprovedShawndel.young@sweetwaterschools.org
Botany ClubTo encourage people to become enviornmentally aware while providing information and techniques to ensure the safety of our ecosystemLazria McWrightMr. SmithGreenhouseFriday/ Lunch11/03/16 - Approvedryan.smith@sweetwaterschools.org
Bowling ClubThe purpose of this club is to be able to gather students at our school and all share the common interest of bowling and raise money to be able to participate at local bowling events and have fun at the same time.Anthony SanchezMr. FischbeinRoom 201Wednesday/Lunch8/01/16 - Approvedbryan.fischbein@sweetwaterschools.org
Cancer Awareness ClubTo give students an opportunity to learn how cancer affects patients & those around them as well as helping cancer patients go through their experience and give them comfort.Valeria Kynakides & Natalie PetersMs. Bayley
Advisor's Classroom
Wednesdays/Lunch8/01/16 - Approvedcheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.org
Card Game ClubThe purpose is to have people meet and play with others who also have an interest in card games.Jason BaesasRyan SmithR10Tuesdays/Lunch and Thursdays/Afterschool8/09/16 - Approvedryan.smith2@sweetwaterschools.org
Cat ClubThe purpose of our club is to raise money for cats in the shelter and to promote the awareness of the safety of cats.Kiana ValdiviesoErwin MacalaguimRoom 601Second Wednesday of the Month/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvederwin.macalaguim@sweetwaterschools.org
Checkers ClubLearn about the history of checkers, exercise sutdent's brains, compete against peersDiego JimenezPeter MoreraR13Wednesdays/Lunch8/29/16 - Approvedpmorera@gmail.com
Chess clubTo educate on the subject or and or play chess. Regular tournaments will be held. David AwDr. ColeRoom 403Everyday/Lunch9/06/16 - Approvedronald.cole@sweeteaterschools.org
Class of 2017To fundraise and plan activities for the class of 2017.Makena SekimotoMs. VillanuevaR-14Thursday Lunch8/01/16 - Approvedjanine.villanueva@sweetwaterschools.org
Class of 2018Raise money for our class and future promNicole AugustMrs. BrinkmanRoom 3041st Monday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedvanessa.brinkman@sweetwaterschools.org
Class of 2019Is to raise money and be the voice of 2019 classBrianna SomeraMr. PitpitRoom 6021st Wednesday of the month8/29/16 - Approvedmichael.pitpit@sweetwaterschools.org
Class of 2020Represent the class of 2020 and fundraise for future eventsJessa PonceMs. DobbinsRoom R3Wednesday/Lunch10/21/16 - Approvedkamryn.dobbins@sweetwaterschools.org
Conspiracy Theory ClubTo challenge the traditional beliefs set forward by previous generations.  Members will be required to do research and present their theory using facts & data to try and convince the other members their is real.Claire McDevittMr. ColarussoRoom 801Mondays/Lunch8/29/16 - Approvedkenneth.colarusso@sweetwaterschools.org
Cystic Fibrosis (C.F.) Awareness ClubThe purpose of our club is to spread awareness about the disease, and to raise money which we could use to donate to the C.F.F. (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation).Michael AltamiranoBryan FischbeinRoom 201Every other Wednesday/11:45-12:058/29/16 - Approvedbryan.fischbein@sweetwaterschools.org
Dance CompanyShowcase our talented dancers in all forms.Elisa LasaterMs. GreenwayRoom 1502Monday,Wednesday & Friday/During 2nd8/01/16 - Approved
Dead Philosophphers' SocietyThe porpuse of the club is to intellecually stir the mind of the students.  Almost always is it about understanding the nature of things- from knowledge, to the nature of belief/God, to society, to politics, to themselves.  It is an evalution of the human condition and the world in which it is conditioned.  The club is to help students make sense of everything, and if done right, to make the world a better place.Amado VazquezMr. BurressRoom 406Thursday/ Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedgreenwayaugust@gmail.com
Democracy Club1. provide voting/ voter registration information in every accord.  2. discuss how to interpret canidate letters/ pros and consin a nonportistionlens.  3. work to improve voter turnout Ryan RodenMs. BayleyRoom 808Wednesday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedcheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.org
Disney ClubTo do activities related to the happiest place on earth and spread joyDanela AgpaoaHernan SiasRoom 608Tuesday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedhernan.sias@sweetwaterschools.org
Do Something ClubThe purpose of this club is to encourge people to collect and donate sanitary supplies such as pads and tampons to local homeless shelters.Jianni Garcia-HinkleMs. LinanRoom 409Mondays/Lunch8/31/16 - Approvedandrea.linan@sweetwaterschools.org
Eastlake All FemaleA club that shares the expressions of dance through dance projects to build self-esteem and confidence, and to create new friendships.Serenna SimeonAndrea LinanEHS Blue TarpMonday/Wednesday/3:00-5:008/04/16 - Approvedandrea.linan@sweetwaterschools.org
Eastlake High School Color Guardpreform and compete alongside marching band competitions, school preformances, and community events. Martine LarocoJim BartonBand roomEvery Monday/Wednesday/ Lunch8/04/16 - ApprovedJbartoncg@gmail.com
Eastlake Junior OptimistTo spread optimism through community service as well as to offer various oppurtunities for students to gain leadership skills as well as offer scholarship oppurtunities. Alexa BentleyMs. BayleyRoom 808Thursday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedcheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.org
EHS ASBTo raise funds for the ASB to pay for events and materials. Emily BonillaMrs. BrinkmanASBTuesdays/morning10/21/16 - Approvedvanessa.brinkman@sweetwaterschools.org
EHS Fifa ClubUnite students who share a common interest in soccer for fun and to promote the welfare of soccer at eastlake. This club will spread awareness babout one of the sports at EHS and will educate students about soccer.Sebastian MartinezMr. FuentesRoom 805Tuesdays/Lunch10/21/16 - Approvedbrandon.fuentes@sweetwaterschools.org
Environmental ClubThe Eastlake High School Environmental Club will establish itself as an active participant in local environmentally friendly activities and it will educate others about solutions to local and world wide environmental problems.Elisa LivelyHeather WoodRoom 412Every other Monday/11:40-12:008/01/16 - Approved
Fashion ClubAllow students to express themselves through outfits/fashio and widen their creativity hrough design and DIY's. Members will create their own original designs and productsMonique ValdiviaMs. TrongaleRoom 312Fridays/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedmary.trongale@sweetwaterschools.org
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)Bring people close to God via sportsJalen KoopmanDavid KoopmanRoom 803Thursday   Pendingdavid.koopman@sweetwaterschools.org
Fighting Game Community ClubTo bring together fans of fighting games of all types and to celebrate and partake in the fun and competition these games bringJoshua PetrofskyChris AikenRoom 806Tuesdays/Lunch8/19/16 - Approvedchris.aiken@sweetwaterschools.org
Food Review ClubTo go to popular or less known resturants, and discuss ourexpenses at the resturant durring our mettings. We will also create reviews on them and hopefully have them on the school newspapaer. Acali ParraMr. MoreraRoom R13Every Wednesday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedpeter.morera@sweetwaterschools.org
French ClubTo develop and promote awareness of the French culture through various activities.Roma RamirezLaurent GelibertRoom 209Thursday/11:458/04/16 - Approvedlaurent.gelibert@sweetwaterschools.org
Friends ClubTo bridge the gap between social cliques and welcome new students to a more comfortable enviornment. Byron CalanayanDr. ColeRoom 403Thursday/Lunch9/16/16 - Approvedronald.cole @sweetwaterschools.org
Frisbee Golf ClubTo educate and spread knowledge of the sport of frisbee golf and to go out to courses and play the sport.Taiyo GuruleCoach McFaddenGymMondays/11:458/09/16 - Approvedjohn.mcfadden@sweetwaterschools.org
Gainz ClubTo enhance a healthy lifestyle and to gain confidence about our appearance Evan TothCoziahr Weight RoomThursday/Lunch 9/06/16 - ApprovedMcoziahr@yahoo.com
Gay Straight Alliance/ Human Rights Club*provide education and safety for LGBTQ community  *provide resources for learning and exposition of viewpoints  *offer community service and extracurricular activitiesRyan RodenMs. BayleyRoom 808Wednesday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedcheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.org
Gives Me HopeThe purpose of this club is to help the homeless around the downtown San Diego area through various activities.Brienne SolisMr. KimRoom 607Wednesday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedjames.kim@sweetwaterschools.org
Hacky SackTo gather any students who are interested in playing Hacky Sack.John Henry BettgerRodney HallRoom 505Tuesday & Thursday/Lunch8/09/16 - Approvedrhall.ehs@gmail.com
Hand UpThe purpose of this club is to unite students who want to make a change and alleviate hunger in San Diego through community service.Malia SmithMr. ColarussoRoom 801Every other Wednesday/Lunch8/29/16 - Approvedkenneth.colarusso@sweetwaterschools.org
Heritage International ClubTo spread different cultures' experiences to the diverse population of Eastlake and embrace one another's heritage.Brittany Tongson and Anthony SanchezRyan SmithR10Thursdays/ 11:45 AM8/29/16 - Approvedryan.smith2@sweetwaterschools.org
Hodad's ClubTo help teach people to surf and make trips to the beach. (Also to Hodad's). Beach clean-ups. Help students make friendships that will last, and bring them closer to the ocean world Emily GloverDr. ColeRoom 403Thursday/Lunch9/06/16 - Approvedronald.cole@sweeteaterschools.org
Humanitarian ClubSpread good morailty and kindness that extends to all humans, help those in need, fight poverty & spread awareness to urban violence and disaster.Isabella ModeloMrs. BayleyRoom 808Wednesdays/Lunch8/29/16 - Approvedcheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.org
Impact EHS ClubTo provide an encouraging environment for students to express their Christian faith freely and openly, and also to have a network of support.Allison LeeMrs. BrinkmanRoom 304Monday/Lunch8/09/16 - Approvedvanessa.brinkman@sweetwaterschools.org
Improv ClubTo provide a fun and creative enviornment for students.  This club can help students with thinking on their feet and making bonds with people.  It can help make students more comfortable when speaking or performing in front of an audience. Izzy GerstelMrs. Del SolRoom 407wednesday/Lunch10/21/16 - Approvedkaren.delsol@sweetwaterschools.org
Infiery All FemaleThe purpose of this club is to find your inner fire through dancing.  It's a club that lets you freely express yourself through dance and meeting new people.  Club members will support each other's self growth and work together as a team to achieve goals.Lexi UyPeter Morera
Blue Tarp Near Gym
Monday & Wednesday/3:00-6:00PM8/01/16 - Approvedpeter.morera@sweetwaterschools.org
Japanese Culture ClubTo learn and understand Japanese culture and traditions through activities and events.Monet ScullinMrs. ShojiRoom 210Wednesday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvederiko.shoji@sweetwaterschools.org
Ke Aloha Polynesian DanceKe Alona Polynesia is a culture club that represents dance from the Islands of Hawaii, Tahiti and Samoa.  This club will help us strive as a whole to exemplify our passions for the heritage of the islands through song and dance.Jena Mafnas-SerranoFreddy ArcainaRoom 803Monday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedfederico.arcaina@sweetwaterschools.org
Key ClubAn international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.Megan TranPatricia ChenRoom 606Wednesday/11:378/04/16 - Approvedpatricia.chen@sweetwaterschools.org
Korean-American ClubTo educate Eastlake community and beyond about the Korean culture, issues facing the Korean community, and the Korean American identity.Sam LeeMs. BayleyRoom 808Tuesday/Thursday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedcheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.org
League of Legends ClubTo educate esoprts in League of Legends and discuss the current state of the game on all fronts.Aaron AdrianoMr. BrickleyRoom 202Thursday Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedmark.brickley@sweetwaterschools.org
MathletesThe purpose of the club is to foster support and connect students interested in mathmatics.Emma AntoineMs. VillanuevaRoom R13Wednesday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedjanine.villanueva@sweetwaterschools.org
MechaIs to spread and promote Latino cultureGuillermo CotaMr. MarinRoom 609Every Thursday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedarthur.marin@sweetwaterschools.org
Medical Careers ClubTo inform students of the different job oppurtunities in the medical field.  Also, to aid and assist  students in completing the requirements to graduate with the medical pathway.Alyssa UribeMs. CoronaRoom 502Wednesday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedpat.corona@gmail.com
Modern Fiction Book ClubOur purpose is to spread a love of reading.  We want to also push readers to read more critically and analytically.  So that we can further our understanding of a book.Chantal LongobardiMs. SwensonLibraryMonday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedanna.swenson@sweetwaterschools.org
Mountain Bike TeamTo gather student cyclists and particiate in the SoCal lague race series for high schools all along southern california. we welcome new riders and allow them to be apart of the club without racing.Saul De Los SantosMrs. SwensonLibraryTuesday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedanna.swenson@sweetwaterschools.org
NewspaperTo keep the school informed on local and worldwide topics by publishing a newspaper 7 times a year.Kaela Lowery/Kayla Torrez-MeltonMrs. BrinkmanRoom 304Period 38/01/16 - Approvedvanessa.brinkman@sweetwaterschools.org
Next GenerationTo provide a space to discuss the bible openly.Isaiah GonzalezGeorge FranklinRoom 402Tuesday/Lunch8/09/16 - Approvedgeorge.franklin@sweetwaterschools.org
OrchestraTo get closer to the community & to fundraise in order to raise the awareness of orchestral music & knowledgeTina KilleenMr. CalderaBandroomWednesday/Lunch8/01/16 - Approved
Peer Mediationto mediate students with any issue they may have whether it be academic or social, by providing them with advice that may help dissolve the issueMakena CashBrickley/FischbeinRoom 201Monday/Wednesday/Friday8/04/16 - Approvedbryan.fischbein@sweetwaterschools.org
Philippine American Youth Organization (PAYO)To promote higher education and create cultural awarenessJustin CarmanMr. IdosRoom 203Every Other Monday/2:30-3:308/04/16 - Approvedrey.idos@hotmail.com
Physics ClubThe purpose of the club is to join together physics fanatics who enjoy long discussions about old and new theories, discussions about matter that range from quantumly small to astronomically gargantuan in size and importance.Aoi BinunMr. AikenRoom 605Wednesday/Lunch8/01/16 - Approvedchris.aiken@sweetwaterschools.org
Poetry ClubPromote creativity & expression through the analyzation, writing, and sharing of poetry and spoken word.Darnell CarsonAnna SwensonLibraryMonday/Lunch8/01/16 - Approvedanna.swenson@sweetwaterschools.org
Powder Puff FootballTo inform awareness of powderpuff footballKaylee HammondAlex EstradaRoom 9021st Monday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedalex.estrada@sweetwaterschools.org
Red Cross Hold blood drives to help people in need as well as provide community service hours to it's members.Camille SilverioBrandon FuentesRoom 805Every Tuesday/Lunch8/01/16 - Approvedbrandon.fuentes@sweetwaterschools.org
RoboticsEducate generations of future innovators and leaders in the fields of STEM and to inspire and improve the communityLuke OfriaMr. FoustRoom IT2Every Monday-Friday/ After school8/04/16 - Approvedjoel.foust@sweetwaterschools.org
Rocket Creation ClubThe purpose of this club is to spark interest in the aerospace field by working as a team to build and engineer model rocketsOsvaldo AlcalaMr. Foust Room IT-2Monday/Friday/Lunch9/06/16 - Approvedjoel.foust@sweetwaterschools.org
Save The Animal SheltersWe want to raise money for the local animal shelters to support their finances.  We want to lower the rate of euthenization.Nathalie GarciaMs. BayleyRoom 808Every Tuesday/Lunchmissing advisor signaturecheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.org
Self-Love & Confidence ClubTo encourage self-love & confidence within women, diminish & discuss insecurties women face in high school, and empower the women around us!Adriana MoranMs. LinanRoom 409Mondays/Lunch8/29/16 - Approvedandrea.linan@sweetwaterschools.org
Service Animal AwarenessTo infoen and educate the public on proper etiquette and behavior when dealing with service animals.  Also, this club with support and fundraise for service animals and their training/ equiptment.Kenna Grace PakMr. AcoustaRoom 3101st Tuesday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedalfredo.acousta@sweetwaterschools.org
Show ChoirThe purpose of this club is to handle show choir business as well as imnprove upon competition music in rehearsal settingsBrianna Balboa & Crisma VillasenorMs. Land1604T/W 2:30pm8/09/16 - Approvedrebecca.land@sweetwaterschools.org
Socratic Seminar ClubTo meet weekly to have political, philosophical, scientific, and theoretical discussions/debates in socratic seminar fashionSean Sebastian DarcyPeter MoreraTheaterTuesdays/Lunch8/01/16 - Approvedpeter.morera@sweetwaterschools.org
Students UnitedTo help the community by doing food drives and various community service. To unite the community with students by volunteering.Amy WhiteheadMr. ColarussoRoom 801Mondays/ Lunch every other week8/09/16 - Approvedkenneth.colarusso@sweetwaterschools.org
Symphonic Orchestra ClubBring symphonic orchestra to the community and fundraise.Alan LinGreg CalderaBandroom 3rd Monday of the month/6pm8/31/16 - Approvedgreg.caldera@sweetwaterschools.org
The Betty Crocker ClubTo give back to the community through baked goods.Tamar KammingaMs. VillanuevaRoom R14Wednesday/Lunch8/31/16 - Approvedjanine.villanueva@sweetwaterschools.org
The Creative Writing ClubTo encourage young authors to follow their passions and to help improve their writing skillsDanni CoxMs. BayleyRoom 808Monday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedcheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.org
Thrift ClubTo eventually visit all of the thrift stores in San Diego, together & raise awareness about how to be financially smart as well as study fashion and articulate your own style.Faith RomeroMs. LinanRoom 409Wednesday/Lunch (twice a month)8/01/16 - Approvedandrea.linan@sweetwaterschools.org
Titan Beach Volleyball ClubTo meet new people, to get experienced how to play beach volleyball and to have fun.Cielo OsunaMs. SormillonRoom R1Wednesday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedrachel.sormillon@sweetwaterschools.org
Titan BuddiesTitan Buddies is all about friendship students with and without disabilities are given the chance to explore new friendships and widen their social circle.  With friends made across campus and in the community it's hard to tell which Titan is benefiting the most with the Titan Buddies Club.Valeria CastroSteve RiiffRoom 200H1st & 3rd Wednesday every month/Lunch8/01/16 - Approvedsteve.riiff@sweetwaterschools.org
Titan Criminal JusticeThe purpose of this club is to discuss current elections, politics, and citizens rights. We will engage in debated and hold mock trials in order to deepen our understanding of the law and issues facing our country today. Adrienne OrtizDr. ColeRoom 403Monday/Lunch11/16/16 - Approvedronald.cole@sweetwaterschools.org
Titan RegimentThe purpose of the club is to provide experiences related to & including the performance of music that enhance members lives, education and high school experience.  Service projects include public performances at sporting events, assemblies and community events.Luke LangfordRandall McCrayBandroom (1602)Monday/Lunch8/01/16 - Approvedrandall.mccray@sweetwaterschools.org
Titan Variety TimeTo give everyone a warm and welcomingenviornment to express their artistic or other intrests in a place without judgement.  Laura de Leon/ Issabelle Del RiosMr. SwensonRoom IT-6Thursday & Last Friday of every month/Lunch10/21/16 - Approvederik.swenson@sweetwaterschools.org
Titans vs. HungerTo provide San Diego's homeless population with food and make a difference in their lives.Sofia AlvesMs. VillanuevaRoom R141st/3rd Wednesday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedjanine.villanueva@sweetwaterschools.org
Travel & Culture ClubTo show others the benifets of traveling and its cultures.Clara SchellpeperTroy VierraRoom 9024th Monday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedtroy.vierra@sweetwaterschools.org
Ukulele ClubTo promote music and cultural differencesJim AlverezMr. EstradaTBDTBD8/04/16 - Approvedalex.estrada@sweetwaterschools.org
Up Rising 180To share people our christianity and spread the word of God and impact the community in a possitive way.  Isabel VazquezMr. ArteagaRoom 902Wednesday/Lunch8/04/16 - Approvedjuan.arteaga@sweetwaterschools.org
Photo Trustgive students real life work place opportunities in a functioninf 4-head portrait studio such as data manager, studio manager, wardrobe,modeling assistants and reception/ host. We service 710 senior portraits in october and 750 cap and gowns in march. over 1500 photos in total. students volenteer time but are given community service. livanna benuelosHinkleRoom 804Third period10/17/16 - Approvedjauhnhinkle@gmail.com
Modeling ClubTo educate females of Eastlake High School about fashion, modeling, and opportunities in such fields. Also, increase confidence and self love. Help to have a good and enjoyable time throughout hign school.Ariadna PoliashoraMs. GreenwayDance RoomTuesdays/Lunch2/08/17 - Approvedkristin.greenway-august@sweetwaterschools.org
Eric Han "Ohana" Memorial Scholarship FundScholarships for dancersElisa LasaterMs. GreenwayDance Room
Missing student president, time/ location
The Raven Trustto make yearbooksAshely RoweanHinkleRoom 804Monthly/ after school and 3rd periodPendingjauhnhinkle@gmail.com
(DLI) Dual Language ImmersionTo promote bilingualismmariana garciaMrs. ZielinskiRoom 305Tuesday/Lunchpending terri.zielinski@sweetwaterschools.org
ThespiansTo raise money for theatre preformances and equiptmentIsabella RubioMeadsl123Wednesday/ lunchPendingrick.meads@sweetwaterschools.org
On BroadwayTo put on theatre preformances for the schoolLauren DelgadoMeadsl123monday/lunchPendingrick.meads@sweetwaterschools.org
Video ProductionTo raise money for video classesAlex Van WarmerMeadsL123friday/ lunchPendingrick.meads@sweetwaterschools.org
Tea Club To bring awareness to the benefits of tea. By having gatherings we will further understand its importance and origins.  this club will also create an open, relaxing and stress free enviornment for students who are feeling presssured by any personal or school related issuesVenica DaelBurressRoom 406Thursday/ lunchpendingr.burress@sweetwaterschools.org
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