SustainUS COP23 Creative Challenge Submission Form
Please use this form to submit your entries for our COP23 Creative Challenge. Your entries to the challenge should be work created and published/posted during the window of April 4th - June 1st.

Final, firm deadline for submissions to the COP23 Creative Challenge: June 1, 2017, 11:59pm ET.

As a reminder, the first round is mandatory to be considered for our COP23 delegation. The prompt is: Create and publish one or more pieces of writing or creative media that explore why you engage in the movements for climate justice. The emphasis is on the WHY and the YOU - we're looking for personal stories that explore why you are who you are, why you do what you do, why you believe what you believe.
We encourage you to submit to our priority deadline for Round One on April 24, 2017, but will be accepting submissions up until the final 6/01 deadline.

The second round prompt is: Create and publish one or more pieces of writing or creative media that explore arguments, demands or analyses of the movements for climate justice. While in the first round we spoke from our hearts, we now speak more from our heads – what is it that is so troubling about the current state of our society, democracy, energy systems and economy?

For questions and support, please first refer to our FAQ and resources here: and then reach out to Delegation Leaders Dineen ( & Karina (
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We are looking for you to be publishing/posting new work within the creative challenge window of April 4 - June 1.
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Examples: The Huffington Post (international online newspaper), The Gazette (local newspaper), Mashable (digital news site), Powershift Network (blog), Youtube (video sharing platform), My Climate Story (personal blog)
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How was the process for you? Have you ever created something like this before? How did pitching/contacting the media go? How did you use the creative challenge to push your storytelling deeper and/or wider? How can we further support you? **If you worked on a team for this submission, tell us specifically how you individually contributed to this piece.**
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