Age 60+? Have your say about living here!

Voluntary Sector Gateway West Lothian are interested in hearing your views and ideas about living here in West Lothian and to hear from you about what you feel would make living here even better for you. We would like to know what you feel will help you to maintain your independence in the future.

The information you record will help to inform planning for the elderly in your area. Your contact details will not be shared and only used to give updates about this consultation (if you wish) and or to contact you if you are interested in getting involved in any volunteer opportunities regarding this consultation. If you are not interested in getting updates about this survey– you do not need to leave your name or contact details with us.

So that we can get an understanding of the number, age and gender of people who have shared their views and ideas we do require you to record your age, gender and postcode.

What do you think about living here? *
Please give a score between 0 (it is not nice) and 10 (it is excellent).
it is not nice living here.
it is an excellent place for me to live.
If you have not given a score of 0 then there must be things you do like living here.
Please list specifically what you like about living here:
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If you did not give a score of 10 then you must not like something about where you live. *
Please list the specific things you do not like about living here:
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What would make your experience of living here better? *
Please be as specific as possible about your ideas for example where services and or facilities could be best placed in your area etc.
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Are you interested in volunteering and getting involved to help carry out this survey?
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This information will not be used for any other reason than helping us know how well we have reached the elderly population in West Lothian.
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