2016-17 Summit Olympus Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet
Summit relies on parents volunteering their time and/or skills to enrich the school experience for our students. There is no volunteer "requirement", but we simply asks you to give what you can.

Please complete this survey so that we can plan for the year, and best utilize your time and talents.

Separate surveys can be submitted for each adult member of the family.

Parent/Volunteer Name (First + Last) *
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Best Phone:
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Primary Language(s)?
General Availability
Please indicate your general availability for volunteer purposes.
General Availability
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Students Name (First + Last) *
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Students Grade Level in 2016-17
If you have another student at Olympus, what is their name?
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Committees & Events
Listed below are a wide variety of committees and events that need volunteer support. Check off any and all areas that interest you. We especially need people to lead events. Interested but not quite sure what to do? No problem! Parent leads support each other and many of our leads are first-timers...we are all learning together. You can also volunteer to be an assistant. So, go for it! I can (check all that apply):
Administrative/Office Support
Mentor Group Support
Facilities Support
Recruiting/Open House Support
Sports Teams
After School Clubs or Classes Support
Career Day
Camping Trip Support (Drive and/or Chaperone)
Other Field Trip Support (Drive and/or Chaperone)
College Tours
Community Event Support
Holiday Giving Campaign (e.g. Toy Drive or other)
Teacher Appreciation Week (May)
Parent Organization Leadership
Parent/Family Education Nights
Parent Night Out
Lunch Help
Yearbook/Pictures Support
Translation Support (please list languages in "about me" section)
Family Communication Support
Website Maintence
School Library
General Volunteer (You can ask me to help with anything. I'll help if I can).
SECTION 2: Ways You Can Help
If you are interested in running or helping with an after school club: which activity, club, or class?
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If you are interested in running or helping with a sport: which sport(s)?
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Tell us about any special skills or passions you would like to share with parents and/or students. For example, disc jockey, events planner, musician, magician, singer, marine biologist, artist, boat builder, sled dog driver, dog trainer, cartoonist, gardener, etc... You may not have time to lead a club or event, but perhaps you can help in some other way.
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Tell us your ideas for activities and events. And if you're willing to organize it, then tell us that too!
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