SULS: Queries for the Queer Officer
Feel free to use this form if you have any questions, queries, comments or concerns about ANYTHING LGBTIQ-related. Alternatively, feel free to email the Queer Officer, Jack Nairn, at
What is your name (or preferred name)?
If you would like to remain anonymous, that is completely fine! Just skip this question or put down "Anonymous" below.
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What is your query?
This can be anything from: requesting advice on coming out; job and career prospects for LGBTIQ students; mental health support; queer events, socials and support on campus; SULS-specific queer enquiries; and needing extensions for academic work due to personal reasons, to just needing a space for an emotional mind-dump, or just wanting to talk to someone who’s been through it all before!
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What are your contact details so the Queer Officer can get in touch with you to answer your query?
This can be an email address, phone number (we can call or text – please specify), home/work address, Skype, Facebook, or any other messaging service. Alternatively, feel free to request a blog post on the SULS website if you don't want to give any personal contact details at all (for whatever reason, including if you want to protect your anonymity).
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Would you like to arrange an in-person meeting?
If you feel an in-person meeting would better answer your query, or you'd like to talk some things through with someone, or you'd just like to meet someone from SULS who can be a point of contact, then please say so and provide your available times below!
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