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Rowan After Hours (RAH) is intended for Rowan students only. With this in mind, please read over the following guest policies. *Rowan students are allowed to register ONE guest (a non Rowan student, at least 18 years old) to RAH, per night. *Guests will need a Photo ID proving their age to enter RAH *Guests will need to be accompanied by their host (Rowan Student) at all times. *Guests can participate in inflatable items in the pit, game room, movie, and karaoke. Make it, and take it items, nightly raffle, prizes and interactive game nights are for Rowan Students only. *Rowan After Hours staff limits the amount of guests to 30 people a night. *For events expecting a large attendance of Rowan students, guests may be prohibited. *You are responsible for your guest's behavior at all times. If you or your guest does not abide by all Rowan University Code of Conduct, RAH polices, and local, state, and federal laws you could be held responsible through the Office of Community Standards and/or the proper authorities. *Pre-registered guests must check-in by 9:30pm *Student Activities and Rowan After Hours staff reserves the rights to adjust this policy as they feel necessary. *Events such as Homecoming, Family, and Sibs weekends are exceptions to this policy. *Please email with any questions
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