Please submit ANONYMOUS feedback regarding Funk the Patriarchy, a music event that occurred on March 3rd outside of Broad Hall.
We would love to hear from the audience about how you experienced the event in order to improve events thrown in the future.

This event was working to address the male and white dominance in the music scene on campus and Pitzer as a whole. Our goal was to hold a event that would stimulate a conversation.
Please let us know if you felt this was achieved.
We recognize there is much room for improvement.

Grooves at the Grove are student run events that enable organizational opportunities for students on campus. Please contact Grove House caretaker Margot ( if you are interested in organizing in the future!
----> if you want to throw an event, not through the Grove House, reach out to the Pitzer Events Board ( for logistics and funding information!

Did you enjoy the student artists?
no, i prefer more established artists
yes! i want to see more student artists
Did you enjoy the LA-based artists ?
not really
so much!
Did you feel included/comfortable in the space?
very exclusive (e.g. heteronormative or inaccessible)
very accessible and enjoyable
What aspects of this event were most enjoyable?
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Did you see/feel any problematic behavior?
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How would you improve this event?
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Would you want to see another event like this again? *
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