Catch Up and Breathe Weekends - Student Survey
This fall we piloted a "Catch Up and Breathe (CUB)" initiative, in response to concerns about student stress. CUB Weekends were planned to help you take healthy pauses in life and find balance between work and play. We all need time to reconnect, recharge, and regroup and CUB weekends were designed to let you do that. "Catch Up and Breathe" was also a recognition that weekends were different than other days of the week. On CUB weekends you did not receive new homework due Monday, nor were there assessments on the Monday following a CUB weekend. You were free, however, to think about doing any or all or none of the following if you so choose:

- sleep in really late
- restock a pencil pouch
- go on a hike
- work on an art project
- charge up a Chromebook
- watch a movie with family
- curl up with a good book
- complete any overdue assignments if they choose
- clean up/update their Google Keep or planner
- play a board/card/video game with friends
- run wild in a field
- organize a binder
- do anything that they feel would allow them to come back Monday feeling ready and get the idea… :)

Now, we are looking to get your feedback about this pilot, to inform what we do in second semester. Additionally, we will survey your parents as well.

I am in grade
Have CUB weekends helped you to find balance between work and play?
How do you think CUB weekends have impacted your stress?
What benefits do you see to CUB weekends?
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What problems do you see with CUB weekends?
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Moving forward I think we should have CUB weekends...
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