RCC Student Help Request

The Richmond Community College Help Desk is available to all students for general technical problems including username and password resets for WebAdvisor, RCC Student E-mail, and Moodle. All course-specific questions (such as those about assignments, tests, grades, and course content) should be directed to the instructor only. Student should submit a help request online by completing the form below OR by calling the Academic Success Center at (910) 410-1757. Help request personnel are available Monday through Thursday 8 AM – 9 PM and Friday 8AM – 2:30PM. All requests made after 2:30PM on Friday will be on as soon as possible on the following Monday. For those students who never log into their email account, the "default" password is "rcc+student ID number" without the quotations. For example: rcc0123456 would be the password for the student whose student ID number is "0123456". Once you successfully log onto your email, please make sure TO CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD - VERY IMPORTANT!!!
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RESET My Webadvisor Password

You can "Reset" your Webadvisor password by using these steps: 1. Click on the "What's My Password" link at the bottom right corner of the Webadvisor's MAIN MENU page. 2. Click on the "Reset my password". 3. Fill in the appropriate boxes (Colleague ID is your Student ID number). 4. Click on the "SUBMIT" button. 5. Click the drop-down arrow in the box and select the existing email address (this is the email that the temporary password will be sent to. If this address is your RCC Student Email address, you must make sure to be able to access to it). 6. Retrieve the "temporary" password and use it to log into your Webadvisor account. Please NOTE THAT as soon as you successfully logged into Webadvisor for the first time, it will prompt for you to change the password. The "Old password:" is YOUR TEMPORARY password that you just retrieved. The new password must have at least 8 characters and AT LEAST 1 character must be a number!!

Never submit passwords through Google Forms.