WCSU Student Technology Survey - elementary

The schools at Washington Central Supervisory Union need your help to learn how you use technology. This will help the school plan for future technology use. Please answer the following questions to help us. There are no right or wrong answers. If you have questions about technology or need help with this survey, please ask your teacher. Thank you!

Help with Technology

Directions: Please give us a better understanding of how much help you need to use technology and how we can provide that help.

Ways You Use Technology

Directions: Please rate how often you do the follow by marking the appropriate selection.

I create digital stories on the computer about major local events
I use digital pictures on a computer to create works of art
When researching online I can tell if an article is good resource.
I know enough about technology at my school to be able to troubleshoot issues I am having when using technology
I use computers to work with my classmates on group projects
I use computers and the Internet in a safe and polite way.
I find and use information related to current or historical person or events using digital resources

School Internet Policy

Directions: Please answer the following questions either Yes or No.

Other Comments

Never submit passwords through Google Forms.