Strategic Properties Account Configuration Survey - Condo or Single Family Home
Welcome to Strategic Properties!
In order for our Implementation Team to properly configure your account, we need some specific information about you and your property. Answering these questions will assist us with integrating your Real Estate property with Strategic Properties' functionality.

Our services include:
- Complete financial accounting.
- Call center to record and process maintenance orders, payment issues, etc.
- Resident screening and evictions.
- Payment of all operating expenses.

* You must fill out one of these Configuration Surveys per property.

Note: If you are unsure of the answers to some of the questions, please leave them blank. All items will be discussed during your account configuration review session. Feel free to email us at if you have any questions about how to fill out this survey.

Property and Portfolio Information
Portfolio Name: *
i.e. 123Main. This is the nickname you use for this property.
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Property Address: *
i.e. 123 Main Street
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Property Unit Number:
i.e. 1101
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City: *
i.e. Miami
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State *
i.e. FL
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Zip Code: *
i.e. 33172
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Entity that owns the property: *
i.e. Company LLC. If owned by a Person, please type his/her name.
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Federal Employer ID number:
i.e. 20-1234567. If owned by a Person, leave blank.
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Mailing Address: *
i.e. 123 Main Street, Miami, FL 33333 (this address must be within the USA)
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Managing Member: *
If property is owned by a Person, please type his/her name.
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Contact Person: *
This is the person with whom Strategic Properties will communicate regarding the property status and to whom Financial Reports will be sent to.
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Contact Person's Cel #: *
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Contact Person's International #:
Please include Country and Area Code
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Contact Person's email address: *
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Start Date *
When should Strategic Properties start managing property?
Additional Notes:
Please add any additional information only regarding this section if necessary:
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