Collective Objective

Said collectively, we the peoples of Strategic International, in order to continuously improve Freedom and Justice for All, do enact this World Constitution, and related Progressive Party Candidates, as follows:

Individual Objective

Said individually, your objective is to use your mobile office laptop (or smartphone) to create and maintain a small software module (or part) of your new generational town website of 50,000 friends, and related new entrepreneurial workflow engine (or game), which game is used to create your new generational town businesses using your new generational investment groups, and related new generational town bank, as your generational internet legislature; that is, over 12 years of generational capitalistic competition wherein each 1 of 12 generations (per city of 600,000) creates a new optimally effective and efficient generational town design of 50,000 friends (including all 50 industries), as well as your specific resort mall industry of 1,000 friends, 75% better than today’s Disney World Parks, Resorts, and Malls as your new temporary town”, and which therefore includes your new “passerbyhome/business wherein you move to new temporary town every 3 years as a global occupational tourist.

Do you agree to these collective and individual objectives?

If yes”, then (if 2010 American, for example) your income will increase by $7,814 and your assets by $114,442 every 6 years; that is, using your new entrepreneurial workflow engine (or game) to enact both your objectives, generally in 3 steps, as follows:

Why? Because your NASA-organized generational town design is 75% more effective and efficient when competitively compared (see operations) to today’s completely ineffective and inefficient town & business designs. Therefore, your new town design will insure that you earn (if 2010 American, for example):

So, enlist in Strategic International today!