Communications Request
Communications Requests (Comm Request) tell the Communications Department all of the important details of your event. The more detailed a Comm Request, the more the Communications Department will have to work with from the beginning of planning. Completed Comm Requests will be evaluated and the Communications Department will decide on a proper Communication Plan (Comm Plan).

-If you would like to request more work than a Tower or Bulletin submission, please submit a Comm Request. If the aforementioned channels are all you need for your project, then just submit them by the proper deadlines

-Communication Plans are made on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. So, if you turn in a comm request on a Friday, it will be go into the comm request queue for the next Tuesday. (Please note, if 5 Comm Requests have been submitted on that Friday, yours may not be made until the following Wednesday or Thursday. Comm Requests are evaluated in the order in which they are received.)

-Comm Requests that need more work (missing details, etc.) cannot be made into Comm Plans into fully completed.

Bulletin deadline: Every Monday (with the exception of holiday weeks)

Tower deadline: Every Third Monday (with the exception of holiday weeks)

Comm Request: 4 business weeks before you would like the communications to start taking place. (It is highly suggested that communication start no later than one month before an event).

Design/Materials that need production out of house (t-shirts, large banners, merchandise): 6 business weeks.

-When in doubt about when to submit a Comm Request, just remember, the sooner, the better.

-Make sure you have approval for this event (whether it be your staff liaison, ministry leader, etc.)

-If you are working on this event with more than one person, please make sure you are communicating with them as well. Keep all the proper channels informed about what you are submitting.

-Make sure you have contacted Nicole Farmer, Administrative Coordinator, at to schedule a location, time, and date on the St. Paul calendar.

Contact Angela Brooks, Director of Community Outreach, at

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