HEALTHIER U REGISTRATION - Preventing Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain - 11/21/13 - 12 to 1 p.m., Frey Hall, Rm. 105 (West Campus)

DESCRIPTION: Spinal Pain is one of the most common health complaints of human beings. This lecture, given by a highly experienced Physical Therapist, will help any person attending to understand the REAL causes and SOLUTIONS to neck, back and shoulder pain, using exercise, proper body mechanics and postural correction. GUEST SPEAKER: Daniel Cammarata, PT, Certified MDT, CPHQ, is a licensed Physical Therapist with 18 years of experience in successfully treating patients in outpatient settings, including here at Stony Brook University Medical Center in Tech Park. He is certified in the McKenzie Institute’s Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment of Spinal Dysfunction, (MDT), and was instrumental in helping to create Stony Brook Hospital’s Spine Center.
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