HEALTHIER U REGISTRATION - DIABETES AWARENESS: ARE YOU AT RISK? 1-31-13 at 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m., TECH PARK, 14 Technology Drive, Clinical Education Dept., Suite 1, Training Rm.

GUEST SPEAKER: Elissa Feldman, RD-registered dietician, CDE-certified diabetes education, CDN-certified dietician nutritionist. DESCRIPTION: • Are you at risk for developing diabetes? Do you have family members with diabetes? Are you caring for a person with diabetes? What is the definition of diabetes, Type1 and Type 2? What does it mean when you have pre-diabetes? What is a carbohydrate? Can I eat fruit? It’s full of sugar? • All of these questions and more will be addressed at our Healthier U workshop. • Help yourself and your loved ones avoid the complications of diabetes or avoid the diagnosis of diabetes. It can be done! • Very simple and easy suggestions can help you control your blood sugars, without turning your life upside down and costing you a fortune! • Come and learn the answers to your questions and much more!
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